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  1. Perfect time capsule car to enjoy just as is, you are only original once !! Just the right amount of patena and a real deal for the money.
  2. Prices are negotiable on all lubesters
  3. I have four available lubsters for sale. The two single lubesters are generic units that were tagged as Texaco with Texaco stickers, The first unit is done to show quality levels, the other has been cleaned and painted. The double lubsters are both original Texaco units with correct porcelain signs on both sides and the top fill covers have embossed Texaco logos. The unit with the green wheels is a show quality restoration and the other is more as it would have looked at the time. These units are located on Long Island and must be picked up, no shipping is available. Prices are as follows: Show single lubester- $900.00 Other single lubster- $400.00 Show double unit- $2100.00 Other double lubster- $1700.00 Contact me at or text at 631-988-4005
  4. The funny thing is I have not mentioned what my price range is ! I don'r expect to find a car in the 20 grand price range. I am more than open to all cars and judge them and their price on an individual basis. But are correct, many of them have been abused over the years, I still cringe at what I did to my 65 back in 1968. Hopped up engine, hood scoop and a lace paint job and would pound that Hurst shifter thru the gears at the slightest provocation .
  5. Pont35, just curious about your comment . Are you saying that there are no Chevelles out there meet that my criteria ?
  6. I have to disagree with you, auctions can create a buying frenzy that many times drives a car well over the actual value of it. Thne the commentators come on and say "these are really hot cars now" and then things get crazy. I am almost 70 and remember when I could call about a car, speak to the owner, come to a reasonable value for the car and purchase it. I understand for the most part those days are gone, just another new reality I have to get used to along with bad knees and thinning hair.
  7. I really didn't come on here to debate the state of the hobby. I have been involved with the vintage car hobby since my first model A in 1963 and have my opinions so I guess we will have to agree to disagree. The fact that all the prices you quote are from auctions makes my point that that dealers and auctions are now ruling the vintage car market and helping to drive up prices. Example, at one auction 2 guys want the same 65 Chevelle and drive the price up to $60,000, now the precedent has been set so all 65 chevelles that come up on auction must be worth that. I will refer you back to my 33 Ford story of a $35K car jumping up to a 65K car as it passed from dealer to dealer and each one thought there was still a little "meat on the bone". I am almost resigned to the fact that the car I buy will be from a dealer, it is just the direction the hobby has gone it.
  8. There is something phoney about that car, the trim tage states 65-132 which is for a deluxe 300 chevelle with a V8. Super Sport V/8's should be 65-138. I am looking for a nice original car that has not been rusted away and patched back together. I will consider all right up to a body off restoration if the price is right. I am willing to go higher for a high option car or quality original. A few years ago I missed out on a 33 Ford highboy for $35,000. I watched that over the next two years go from dealer to dealer until the last guy was asking 60K for the car in the same condition as it was when offered for 35K.
  9. I am more than willing to pay what a car is worth but a 4 speed 65 should not bring 45K or an L79 bring 65K. Problem is that dealers have taken over the collector market and tacked on their premiums and televised auctions have artificially inflated the prices of collector cars. Vintage cars have become a commodity for the rich to hide their money in rather than a hobby for the average enthusiast.
  10. Thanks for the effort to help in my search for a 65 SS. I have been online for quite sometime looking for the right Chevelle. Any I have found have either been modified or grossly overpriced.
  11. I am looking for a 1965, and only a 1965, Chevelle SS with a four speed and 327 engine. The car must be in original or near original condition, no hot rods, rust buckets or major projects. I am located in New York but will consider cars in all locations. The car can be restored if done properly and verified by pictures of the rebuild. The more options the better. Any L79's should have all the proper documentation to prove their validity. Please send pictures with first email along with a description and ;location of vehicle. I can be contacted at 631-757-5021, emailed at or texted at 631-988-4005. Thanks, Chris
  12. I am looking for a 1965 "138" Chevelle original SS Hardtop with a factory 4 speed. I prefer a car with a 327 and options. Looking of a restored car, an original in nice condition or a car that needs minimal restoration. No rust buckets or project cars. I will consider all but they must be original, may consider a car with brake upgrades or aftermarket air conditioning. Contact me with pictures, condition and asking price. Prefer the car be in the eastern part of the country but will travel for the right car at the right price.
  13. would it be possible to send me a few pictures of the wheels ??? Thanks, Chris
  14. could you get an estimate to Long Island, Northport 11768...depending where you are in the state, I could do a road trip too