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  1. Progess has slowed a bit, (busy at work) but just got my engine harness and ecu back from a guy that customizes a stand alone - he did a great job, not sure if you can see the details in the pic, but I highly recommend him, his link on ebay is http://www.ebay.com/itm/252448487636...%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  2. Set Of 4 +1 Vintage 1941–53 Buick Dog Dish Hubcaps Good Condition-spare tire cap This set has surface grime that will come off with an easy clean and glisten nicely. Has some dings - see pics Added bonus, includes the spare tire cap (to protect the luggage)! $99 plus $25 shipping
  3. Not sure if anyone has seen Jay Leno feature some of this guys builds, but I just got the sense he must charge through the ying yang. As I have a '50 Buick, I like to check out what's for sale on Ebay and I saw this for a mere $397k!http://www.ebay.com/itm/1950-Buick-R...m=282317313543he's got the link to the videos/articles in his auction
  4. Gas tank installed. Will be making some modifications to this and adding a fuel reserve tank and a couple of aeromotive a1000's.
  5. Took advantage of Painless Performance's year end $150 rebate promo and picked up their customized GM 28 Circuit Chassis Harness. They aren't kidding that this is "painless", gotta love the fact they even label the wires!
  6. Just picked up a column shift, tilt steering column from a local retired guy who refurbishes and rewires them for a hobby. He's done some nice work and at $200 saved me about $500 over buying an Ididit column!
  7. Well time to get back to work on this after letting it sit for a year. (opening our shop and getting it going took priority over personal projects) (https://www.facebook.com/3rdShiftMotorsports/) With that in mind, Fedex just dropped off some nice shiny jewelry today from Silicon Intakes....
  8. I bought this kit from the same guy selling on ebay. I never used the kit as I decided to go in a different direction with my buick and put a mustang II front end instead. So I'm listing this at $100.00 less than the price of the same kit of the guy I bought this from, so if you are looking at doing the front end of your buick, here's a savings of $100 for you! Only $299.99 plus shipping his link (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Front-End-Suspension-Kit-1949-1950-Buick-Special-Super-/142218841071?hash=item211ce74bef:m:mDEHnhOZ8D6nzrLT0g_SRJw&vxp=mtr) a new Deluxe Front End Rebuild Kit. Rebuild the steering and suspension system with our convenient Front End Kits and you'll be surprised and delighted at how well your "old" vehicle drives and handles the road. This Deluxe kit allows you to replace the majority of wear items in your car's front end. Restore maximum handling & control with our precision engineered Front End Kit. Included are: 4 Outer Control Arm Pin Kits 1 King Pin Kit 2 Lower Inner Control Arm Shaft Kits complete with bushings 2 Outer Tie Rod Ends 2 Stabilizer Link Kits 2 Rubber Control Arm Bumpers All parts are brand new and in excellent condition. This will fit the following automobiles: 1946-52 Buick Special 40 series & Super 50 series
  9. well... I wasn't planning on getting this until later in the build, but was offered a great deal on a used Accuair E-Level air management system that I couldn't pass up.
  10. Well the latest progress took a little longer than anticipated. Took the rear end into Currie and we discovered that the 9" had previously exploded and had weakened the internal seams and felt it best to scrap the housing for a new one so there would be no bending/flexing. The guys over there did some great work, new 35 spline axles, rewelded my 4-link & bag brackets and mounted my wildwood setup.
  11. so I got them last week and very happy with the mounts, also what a great company to deal with at Steele Rubber, great helpful people, such a contrast from my experience with oldbuickparts.com Highly recommend Steele Rubber to anyone looking for mounts, just wish they were cheaper!!!
  12. No real work has happened lately, but had to post some pics of my "not so sexy" wheels as we moved the car back to the shop to get back at it...
  13. Thanks for all the good advice... put my order in with Steele, but I'm limping a little... that's a big hit! lol
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