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  1. It spent all its life in the Olsen family until I bought it. The first owner bought it new. His father worked at the Troy carriage co. and was the builder of the Dormandy cars a decade earlier . It never left Troy NY for 100 years
  2. The original owner of the speedster's father is recorded as building the bodies for the dormandys. Thanks for the info. My car does have canvas fenders that seem to pre date 1914. I will do some more looking kk
  3. I am sure you are smart enough to figure it out
  4. 1929 Lincoln all weather cabriolet . I have been told one of eleven made. A remarkable survivor, all original interior except drivers seat. undercarriage never touched ,engine received over $30,000 in work from Pollock restoration in Pottstown PA with attention paid to try to keep it as original as possible. Gas tank and vacuum redone ,radiator cleaned.Asking $53,000. far less than cost. I want to sell this soon, it can be seen in New Oxford PA 17350. More photos Kellykinzle@comcast.net 717 495 3395
  5. 1914 Studebaker rebodied in 1914 at the Troy NY carriage co.
  6. Here is one for you. 1914 Studebaker body made at the Troy carriage co Troy NY in 1914. In the family untill I bought it
  7. I bought this speedster and need some help identifying some parts that are missing. The lid of a tool box from the running board of a 1913 touring. On the edge of the fire wall /cowl there are marks for a bracket and elec wiring for lights,what would the brackets look like? The car came with old tires on the split rims that I want to keep on the rims,can I buy 4 split rims 24" ? The steering box extends out the side of the hood I don't see that on any photos I find . 108.3wb. I will try to post photos but have had no luck. You can contact me at kellykinzle@comcast.net
  8. thanks i have been not able to post photos on this site, who figured this program . if you email me i can send some. kellykinzle@comcast.net
  9. Wow there is a lot of discussion on this car. First, price/value I didn't buy it with anybody else in mind. Try to replace it at any price. Second just because you can make one has anything to do with the original. As for condition far to many original cars have been destroyed by over eager people trying to win A badge, only to find out after they put all there screws and cotter pins in the same direction and there ars thousands just like it ,you can't make an original. Patina is hard to duplicate ,although it has been done just to fool some people that can't tell the difference .As for the ca
  10. Want to purchase two cowl lights and brackets if possible electric. also correct tail light , horn ,amp gauge 2" hole and metal tool box lid or whole kellykinzle@comcast.net 717-495-3395
  11. As the buyer I do know exactly what I bought and very happy with it and would be interested in more period built speedsters not modern made up ones. I would also like some help from some of the club to locate two 1913 cowl lights a correct tail light and amp gauge .also a tool box lid from a 1913 or the whole box. Thanks for your help . Kellykinzle@comcast.net
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