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  1. http://houston.craigslist.org/cto/4717431169.html
  2. I had good luck on my 63', with a set of plastic trim tools from Harbor Freight. Start at the back and work forward. Mine just rolled off.
  3. This is a very informative thread thanks guys, Mike
  4. This photo is of my grandfather's new car, I don't know what it is. Probably very easy for some of you. Thanks for the help. Mike
  5. It's amazing to me that there are no more Riviera's for auction. This is, I think the only one in the Houston show, and not more than a handfull in the last several years. Most of those it seems were customs. Wildcat 2 dr hardtops are even more scarce. Convertibles before 65 yes but few after.
  6. I've seen those pics before either Craigslist or Ebay. Still looks like a deal. Mike
  7. Are you sure those aren't sail panel cardboard, looks similar? Mike
  8. There may be other pics on the Mecum infonet site. You can watch the auction on your computer. Bernie, I am sure the auction circuit is a cutthroat world and I too have learned to be cynical. From watching the auction, I think I should build a Chevy swb Pickup instead. Mike
  9. Nice looking car sold today at the Mecum Auction in Houston $8,250, unless it was less than it looks, that seems under priced. Mike
  10. Sounds like you are leaving the hobby, I hope not because I have enjoyed your posts and comments. Wish mine was at the stage yours is. Hope you stay on the forum. Mike
  11. Thanks for mentioning that the top door trim does not need to be removed. I am ready to remove the door panels and had not heard or seen the explanation about that trim piece. Thanks again, Mike
  12. I recently came home from a trip out of state and started looking for my Income Tax folder to go to the accountant. It was trash day and I had taken all the trash to the curb. You guessed it, all my tax info. was in the bottom of the trash bag. So glad the truck was late that day. Wives are sometime helpful and sometimes NOT. Mike
  13. Congrats to you and your son, looks like a very neat and tidy installation. I know you and he are making life memories. Mike
  14. Owner sent pics of the Fischer tag and the location of the protecto plate. The car is still for sale, he wants at least 3500. I am not interested in taking on another project but some guys seemed interested in the protecto plate location. Mike
  15. Tom and others, I spoke with the owner again yesterday and found that i was mistaken as to location of the Protecto plate. It is located on the radiator support to the passenger side of center. He has promised to send pics of the plate and also the Fischer plate, so we can learn more about this car. Mike
  16. Thanks for the advice Tom. Old cars are deductible right. Have a great day. Mike
  17. Someone was looking for 65 sheet metal. Might be some worth having here, and I bet the price is wide open. Mike http://houston.craigslist.org/cto/4355139456.html
  18. Just happened to think my package tray was in the garage. I think this is original to my 63 but not sure. I have tried to take some closeups to let everyone see how they were made. It appears to be some type of early particle board covered in vinyl, as most of you have stated before. Hope this helps. Someone has cut speaker holes in mine so I guess I will have speakers on my package tray. I plan to refinish this with Leathereque. Mike
  19. Congrats, on your sons graduation, and on your teaching him that old things do not have to be thrown away. Good thing to teach him since he probably will be making the decisions on your life when you are old. LOL. He probably is much safer in his car than any of the kids in new ones. P.S. I drove my cousin's 57 Chev 2drhrdtop to my prom in 62. Don't have the car anymore but I still got the same girl.
  20. No, he only sent me a close up of the plate. He said it was inner fender, drivers side. These are the only pics he sent me. Mike
  21. Thanks for correcting my number. You have provided the kind of info. I was looking for, is it rare, how rare, and is it worth taking on a basket case restoration? I am posting the CL listing so that members who are interested can talk with the owner. He sounds motivated to sell and is admittedly negotiable on price. I am not in a position to pursue this vehicle. He has many extra parts to go with the car, extra door skins, trunk lid, A/C boxes, heater cores etc. Sounds like many $ worth of parts to me. Mike. http://houston.craigslist.org/cto/4347059319.html
  22. Thank you very much for the time it took you to provide this information. Much appreciated, Mike
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