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  1. No I had to repair the ones I had they look nice but they are painted . I still need a pare of inside door handles a right and a left Thanks R L Elder
  2. I am still looking for a pare of inside door handles for my 31 commander 4 door studeq said you may have a pare right & left Thanks R L Elder
  3. Hi Richard how do you fit the badge in the hole the cup on the back of the badge is larger than the hole and I dont wont to damage it
  4. I would love to have that but I probably would have to sell the farm. But there is always HOPE
  5. What makes you think this car can not be restored
  6. I edited my add Thanks for the help
  7. Thanks for the info on the engine when I got the car they said it was a pierce arrow engine it is a lot larger than my 31 commander engine.I am glade it is all studebaker
  8. Thats the one it is rely a neat old piece of history
  9. I listed my 32 president 8 on E-Bay . R L Elder
  10. If you can find a pressure pre-lube pot you can hook it to the pressure port on the block and force oil back in the engine it will prime the pump most engine rebuild shops have one
  11. Hi when I rebuild any thing I coat all moving parts with Lucis eng. oil supplement pistons, cam shaft, rod & main , oil pump exct. it will stay in place sow you will never have a dry start up p/s I never use lubriplate as it has a tendency to harden after time
  12. Jason did you come up with the robe rail or the window blind for the rear window ? R L
  13. do you have any body parts like the robe rail on the back of the front seat or the window blind or shade for the rear window Thanks R L
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