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  1. Fill the cooling system as usual; then loosen the temperature sender on the intake manifold. If there is air trapped in the block or heads it will sputter out around the threads of the sender. When coolant starts to leak out around the sender tighten it back up and you are good to go.

  2. Ladys and gentelman..... we have a winner!!

    By far Fred the best speedster project I have seen to date! On this form, and any where else I might add. And I am not saying that just because I'm a Hudson nut.

    For all of us that follow this speedster form, Im going to say well done.

    For those of you are reading this, I have known this car for almost 40 years now. this car has been on Vancouver Island for most of it's life. And I had the privalidge to sit in it and go for a ride when I was about 8 years old with its long past owner Jack.... last name is gone. This would be back in the early 70's. Some where I have a Photo of that day.

    Fred is now the currant care taker of this car, and has taken on the last care takers dream to bring it to what it is today. for those of you that are on the internet for brass cars, you may recongnize freds name for his search for the proper wheels as I believe, it had cadilac wheels on it. He is now getting made the proper Hudson style wheels and hubs for this speedster.

    This is what this Hudson Looked liked from the factory...


    .This is what It looks like today


    This my speedster friends, is what a speedster is all about!!

    That long lost friend was Jack Haliday...