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  1. I think so; I have not seen this car myself since 1973
  2. This was Charlie Parker of Red Deer Alberta. I have no idea what happened to his cars. A very nice man.
  3. This is a photo of the Prince of Wales, later to become King Edward VIII, taken in Nanaimo BC, in 1919. Can anyone pinpoint the make of car?
  4. Fill the cooling system as usual; then loosen the temperature sender on the intake manifold. If there is air trapped in the block or heads it will sputter out around the threads of the sender. When coolant starts to leak out around the sender tighten it back up and you are good to go.
  5. That long lost friend was Jack Haliday...
  6. I am so happy to read this update; it's great that the body is going onto a car. I looked at that body at the Portland swap meet; the seller told me that he wanted to cut in in half and make a porch swing out of it! He didn't know what it was but he thought it was from about 1929 lol