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  1. This is interesting no doubt, but it is getting off the topic of Pre-war cars that have survived.
  2. I can’t believe it; I have a very early memory of riding in the rumble seat of that car myself! It was at a May tour at the Tally-Ho in Nanaimo in the 1960’s. It made an impression on me with how quiet it was as well. I have never seen that car since that ride.
  3. That’s a great story and an exceptionally beautiful car! And interestingly enough it originated in the same town as the White. It’s something to think that they shared the same roads way back when. Here’s a photo of the White taken around Ashcroft back then. One time an “expert” told me the bail handled lamps I have are not correct. I showed him the photo and he said they must have changed them back in 1920. Lol
  4. Please keep it coming; I could read stories like this all day long!!!
  5. Thank you once again for posting. One thing for me is it makes me feel good to see that the White really wasn’t any worse than most of the cars of that era. Those guys weren’t easily intimidated!!! I’m so grateful that they salvaged so many early cars when they did.
  6. I must say thank you to all those who have posted; I have certainly enjoyed this thread. Although I am from the island, I grew up around pretty much all of these characters and most of these cars. Some of these gentlemen I first met as a child and then went on to become friends as an adult. It was always interesting when Buck Rogers would pull into the driveway driving his " travelling swap meet" lol. Is Paul Bolam still alive? I have not seen him in many years. A really interesting thing would be to compile a roster of all of the vehicles that were discovered by Buck Rogers and passed th
  7. Another nice story; and not to sound picky, but in the interest of historical accuracy, CCM stands for “Canadian Cycle and Motor” please keep up with the interesting stories!
  8. The McLaughlin has been a favourite of Dave’s for many years; and that’s saying something in a collection like his! My favourite memory of that car was on the Malahat Challenge tour about 30 years ago. The McLaughlin developed a bit of a rod knock. So Dave nonchalantly pulled over to the side of the road, dropped the pan down with the oil still in it; pulled some shims out of the offending rod, and buttoned it back up and carried on. Nobody gives Dave Proctor any hard luck trophy lol!!!
  9. Thanks; those are definitely the cars I remember! The first picture it sure looks like the Mitchell has a rope on the back and is towing the Hup!!! the other thing I can clearly remember is just how beautiful that Mitchell was!
  10. Thanks Ken; I remembered the Mitchell as it used to be on display inside the big log building at the Forest Museum. This is the same building that the Stanley was stored in the basement. I remember these as we lived right on site at the museum when my Dad worked there from 1969-71. I remember a car club event being held there, my dad was operating the steam locomotive but he took a little break and drove the little Hupmobile in some of the car games. I may have a photo of that somewhere. It sure seems like a long time ago!
  11. There was a Mitchell as well I believe around 1912; also the Model N Ford circa 1907
  12. Very well said; I knew Jimmy my whole life and felt the same as you. He was incredible with his talents and knowledge. And an awesome guy on top of that!!
  13. Thank you for posting the incredible film of the Silvers brothers cars. As a B.C. boy I was aware of the collection but I was too young to have been able to see them at that time. I have a B.C. car as well, though it’s not really a survivor like the cars you have shown. The White was pretty far gone but had never left BC. It received a genuine “1960s” restoration in 1966-67 and remains essentially the same to this day. Interestingly enough it has survived longer since it was restored than it did as an original car
  14. I think so; I have not seen this car myself since 1973
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