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  1. Did you ever find any information about this steam car. I have a 1901 Victor steam car. Victor was bought by Locomobile in 1903, but all along the cars were VERY similar. I do know an individual in NJ who has a 190? Locomobile and knows quite a bit about the very early steam cars. My Victor was owned by my wife's grandfather until he passed away earlier this year. I just fired it up & drove it around the block for the first time today. Regards, DJ
  2. Empty enclosed trailer (18') from NE Indiana to NYC. Traveling in late October. I am tight on time for this trip so you would either need to be close to I-80 or get your cargo to I-80 for me. PM me if interested. -DJ
  3. Reposting my question from the Towing forum here since this page likely gets more traffic from the requisite audience. Please see my post there Thank You
  4. What is the best way to tie down a horsless carriage with a light frame and leaf spring suspension. (1900-1910 era) The previous owner of my first decade horeless carriage informed me that he had once snapped the axle when he'd tied down the vehicle by the axle. He also informed that he'd once tossed the trailer severely when debris fell off a semi trailer while towing with the vehicle secured by the wheels and that there was no apparent damage. So I'm planning to to secure the vehicle by the wheels in some manner. My enclosed trailer has runs of airline track in the floor & I'm thinking I'll use wheel nets of some sort, but obviously most are made for modern (wide) wheels. The wheels on my car are 26" metal spoke with pneumatic tire (think Mountain Bike wheel). I've looked on horse carriage & tack websites thinking they must have something for carriages, but to no avail. Thus far the closest thing I can find that might be a good fit is wheel nets for dragster front wheels: Dragster Packages - Front Net Drag Pack Looking for a cheaper/better option. Any ideas out there?
  5. Just custom ordered a 16x7.5 inTech with 4' wedge. Will let you know in a few months how I like it.