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  1. No, not at all. No salt on the roads and far enough from the coast to be affected by salt air. I grew up in Indiana and have experienced enough cold winters. In 1974, I had a '64 Impala which had serious rust. These four cars do have some rust, however look very intact and are likely restorable. I personally would hate to see them junked. Regards, MG /will not discuss with persons interested in junking them //might not have time on my side...
  2. In the course of my business, I found someone who has 4 1957 Lincoln Premieres. They are all hardtops, appear to have been abandoned & would need restoration. They look OK for restoration to me, but I am no authority. Owners daughter suggeted that they could be taken for free. No idea on license status. They belonged to her late father. All are on the same lot, near San Jose, CA. markagoodman@sbcglobal.net
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