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  1. what carb should i be looking for? do you have the right one,what vehicle does the one I have fit?
  2. I just bought a carter carb #1 brass tag says 283s g42 on top it says oil under screw Is this correct for a 1933 straight 8?
  3. Just got back from Hershey and looking for 33 caps. I only found one vender that had some as I got to his booth another fellow stopped by looking for the same caps. out of thousands of venders and two people looking for the same rare caps saw lots of packard ones. I bought them but they are in poor shape. But we had lots of fun looking until the rain came Fosterdale
  4. thanks for the reply Gary F have you seen any pontias like mine in your area at car shows etc fosterdale
  5. picking up my 1933 sports coupe in may 2013 Fosterdale
  6. mine is the sports coupe I have pics from june 11 2013 on this forum thanks Fosterdale
  7. I sent a picture of my pontiac to Old cars Weekly to ask if anyone has ever seen one. A fellow from North Carolina has one and has hot rodded it. I went to Moline ILL to the grande national meet and everyone I talked to never seen one. I guess I haven't talked to the wright ones? Any information on this model will be appreciated. Thank You Fosterdale
  8. do they make electronic ignition for a 1933 pontiac straight 8
  10. MY 33 came out of westchester county it has a metal trunk on back with rumble seat has an older paint job still trying to get it started, I think I need a rebuilt gas pump. send some pics and I will try to put my pics online
  11. I T just bought a 33 pontiac sport coupe dual sidemounts I would like to know how rare they are? I haven't seen any around. Also my vin no is six digits long 789470 is this correct? Thanks for any help!
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