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    Resident of Fort Lauderdale and bought my 2004 Buick Park Avenue in 2007. My whole life I wanted to own such a beautiful car. Am just joining now to get information about a problem I'm having with the car.
  1. My name is JeanieH and I own a 2004 Buick Park Avenue - bought used in 2007. The leak in the trunk has caused a tidal wave of white mold, going into the wheel well and eating the spare tire as well as ruining the liner. Can anyone tell me where to get weatherstripping for this model for the bottom of the opening? I've been to a Buick dealer, my mechanic and online shopping. No one can tell me anything. So here I am. Could it be they don't make it anymore? Also, want to find a place to get a new liner, since I want to maintain my car for as long as possible.