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  1. I would ask $180.00 for the wheels and inserts. The two new inserts in the boxes that are pictured are brand new. I believe that I paid either $32.50 or $37.50 for each one. Lastly, I live in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area. Thank you for your initial reply. John
  2. 1985 Buick LeSabre [Collector Edition] – Miscellaneous Parts:<O:p></O:p> <O:p></O:p> I have a used [57,200 miles] 2004R transmission, 4 original magnesium wheels [with inserts], 4 wire hub caps / with Buick insert [decent shape], authentic GM Repair Manuals [Mechanical and Chassis], power rear-view mirrors [driver and passenger side] and miscellaneous other items. I have pictures available of the wheels, inserts, and service books. Additional pictures by request. I will sell the parts collectively or individually. Reasonable offer(s) will be considered. <O:p></O:p>
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