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  1. Here is an update. The guards for Metr Molded Subber did not work. So I tried film guard in black, had a terrible time and it did not want to conform either. So I tried Removable Rubber Coating called Elasticwrap from Eastwood. Followed the instructions and it seems to work as advertised. See pictures below. Now let's see how long it will last.
  2. Yes I bought them from Metr Molded Rubber. Mel
  3. Ok went to install them. Had to trim to fit. Major problem is when I applied rubber cement as directed and place on vehicle, it took the paint off. Not a good thing at all, so going without.
  4. Yes I tried Lynn Steele. They have the material but not precut or formed. I did find them at Metro Moulded Parts, Inc. I ordered a pair. Thanks all for your help. Mel Skaggs
  5. The reason I am looking for them is that I do VCRA road rallies. A lot of the roads we run on are rough. No gravel, paved but have stones etc on them. Does anyone know where I can find them? Thanks
  6. I am looking for rear fender stone guards for my 1941 DeSoto. I uploaded a picture I found on the internet which shows what I am looking. The ones in the picture are rubber and that is what I am looking. Thanks in advance. Mel Skaggs
  7. I want to thank everyone again. I got the coil and retaining bracket. Took the ignition switch, cable and coil out of the car. I really had no problems at all. Works great now. Mel Skaggs
  8. Thanks all. Yes mine has the cable. I was afraid of that being that I would have to disassemble the whole assembly. Once I take it out I might convert it to a modern switch with a standard coil. Don't know what I want to do but thanks again. Mel Skaggs
  9. I need to know how to install a 1941 Desoto wall mounted ignition coil. It mounts to the firewall and plugs in through the firewall. Does anyone have a diagram what the connection looks like inside the car? I don't want to start pulling it out without knowing what it plugs into or where it is. Thanks
  10. Thanks guys. Ron thanks for the tip about Frank. I will contact him. Mel
  11. Ron got it running. Still working on the problems with shifting. Checking the vacuum lines and electrical system. Project for this winter along with replacing the water pump. Thanks for the question. By the way do you know an expert on fluid drives, sure would like to pick his brain. Mel
  12. Thanks for the comments. Ok it is a foot activated starter. Push in and make contact which starts the motor which causes the Bendix starter drive to engage. A solenoid would by pass the foot activation, when key or button is activated it causes the solenoid to send power to the starter motor which activates the Bendix starter drive. My concern is that most starters for the 6 cylinder engine should be the same except for the solenoid, meaning they turn in the right direction. Don't think they changed that.
  13. My 41 DeSoto has a foot feed for the starter. What year did they change over to a starter with a solinoid? I would like to convert my over so I can use a key start. Thanks
  14. Bob - Mel here. Had fluid drive rebuilt before putting everything back together. Still doesn't want to shift properly. Checking the electrical system and vacuum system since it has vacuum downshift. Thanks again.