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  1. I just joined the club! I'm near Asheville NC.
  2. Thanks for the advice about the oil, I was wondering if the gauge was really accurate myself. I Just joined the club yesterday and plan to purchase the manual and parts catalogue. Mine was apparently tagged in 22 so I guess that means its not a B series??
  3. Instruction book?!? - That would be helpful, I've tried to find them online but come up empty ... any suggestions on a more specific search I could use?
  4. I had the same problem with the off the shelf coil. Time to try the Epoxy. Thanks for the help Tom.
  5. I have a 1923 Franklin my dad left me and I was recently able to get it running but would like to know a couple things: 1. How do I check the oil level and how much does it need? 2. Where can I find a new coil and some new plugs? - you help would be greatly appreciated.
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