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  1. Great! Where do I get the shims?
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if the camber and caster are adjustable on a 1936 Packard 1401? Thank you in advance.
  3. That's exactly the process we use and that's what was done to the body. Stripped down to bare metal, phosphate wash and an zinc rich primer applied - I'm sure Dick posted the pictures of all of that. Then a primer surfacer was applied, sanded then the base and clear coats were applied (a few times because I just wasn't happy with it).
  4. Thanks for the compliment Jason. I'm a self taught car nut that is trying to turn a run-away hobby into a full time business. I have a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering and work at Boeing full-time but after 16 years of being here I find it very boring and dread coming into work every day. So I applied myself and learned on my own how to upholster, woodgrain and many other things related to automotive restoration. I don't want to divert any more attention away from Daphne - If you want to chat some more please email me.
  5. If anyone else is interested in the woodgraining process, I have lots of pictures of various parts going through the process at Under Cover Upholstery - Past Projects - Woodgraining Thanks Dick for posting the pictures - why didn't you tell me I'm so good looking ... -Crin
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