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  1. I started in the autobody business in Kingston when I was 14. I knew and worked with all the old timers that had worked at Doc Smiths ,in the mid 70s.The auction was 11/4/72.The newspaper clipping was given to me by one of the guys I worked with before he died.
  2. The truck is a 1927 Cadillac .It was converted to a tow truck at doc smiths on Clinton Ave. in Kingston N Y before ww2.It had two transmissions that allowed it to crawl up any hill and winch anything from anywhere. sadly after the truck was Bought by Michael leopold owner of Michael Chevrolet in Kingston ,It was being transported south and the transporter flipped and the truck was destroyed (as I was told by a long time doc smith& michaels employee Ken Blankshan who has since passed). I will post clipping about the Minerva that mentions auction and tow truck at a later date
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