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  1. I didn't expect to find out that the car was such a puzzle, nor that I would find such highly specialized experts. You really amaze me! But just one question : as I read that a Studebaker plant in Canada was producing cars for that market, could there have been some minor differences between the Canadian and American models?
  2. Well, it seems you have many busy week-ends in front of you. However, looking closely at your picture I notice that your bumper is similar to my father's, while on the picture from the other Dictator found on the web it's different. Is it from different Dictator models, or different years? I also notice that your radiator is different, with no logo and no center division. Could it be a difference between Canadian and American models? My intention with this picture is to have it mounted in a frame with, if possible, a plate with the name and year of the car. Can I be sure it's a 1930 model?
  3. Right, as far as I can tell the picture should be dating from the mid '40s.
  4. I'm quite sure you're right. I've looked for Studebaker pictures and found a photograph of a 1930 Dictator (http://www.flickriver.com/photos/jarviseye/5346107859/) from New Brunswick that looks very similar to mine (from Quebec). I can't say for the headlights, but the only noticeable difference is with the bumper.
  5. We recently found this photograph of our father's first car. Can anyone help us identifying what it is? This car was on the road in Canada, in the early '30s. Many thanks
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