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  1. Old Bessie, 1960. Simple, inexpensive car, but I really loved it. There is a great Packard Museum in Dayton, Ohio if you get a chance to drive by it. When I last went, there was no admission, but they would take donations. A lot of cool cars. The people there were great, they let me have my way with the cars-checked under the hoods, trunks, let me get inside them to experience them. Some of them are valued at over a million $$. The brochure is one that I just recently obtained.
  2. Just came across this old pic of our Pack. I had it cropped and enlarged, but you can still make out the rear view.
  3. Ok, I have come across 2 old photos of the Packard from family pics. One shows the rear left quarter of the car and the other shows the right front quarter at the accident scene back in 1960. They clearly show the tail lights and the front grill (the half that didn't get smashed). I will scan them and post them sometime over the weekend. The two pics posted here are what I have found over the net that are exact copies of our old Packard. One shows the tail lights of an old restoration project, and the other pic is of Packard factory photographs. The factory called it a "Packard Clipper Club Se
  4. ok guys. I think we've been able to nail it down. I found these pics online and also found out that in 1960, AMC called this model, "Deluxe". It came as their basic package with no side moldings or trim and no side script. thanks again for your help.
  5. thanks Fleek. You might be right. I can't tell if it is a Classic or an Ambassador. I just know that as a kid, it was an ugly car....
  6. The American was one of my guesses, but in my old pic, the divider frame bar between the rear passenger window and the wagon window slants to the rear. The American doesn't on this year. Also, on my old pic, there is no model script noticeable on the side. But thanks for answering my post.
  7. thanks to all of you that have responded to my questions. Still looking for info on the Rambler pic though. Loved the old Packard. It was totaled in an accident while traveling thru Georgia back in 1960. I still remember the accident. I was 8 years old and it happened in front of a Sinclair station. Still a cool car. Can't say the same for the Rambler though...
  8. many thanks to all who helped me with this. This is a great site, and is now on my favorites list.
  9. Fleek, please resend last post. it did not come thru. thanks
  10. Going thru old photos and came across these photos. Can anyone out there Id them for me? thanks
  11. thanks. that's what I thought. If I remember right, the Deluxe had "Packard Deluxe" in script along the back of the trunk. If that's true, then what kind of script was on the trunk of the standard Clipper?
  12. Need some help in id'n this old Rambler. I believe it was a 61 Ambassador, but I don't remember for sure. Can anyone help me out? thanks
  13. This is a pic of our old family car, I believe a 53 Packard Clipper Deluxe. It has a portable carrier attached to the top. Can anyone out there verify or correct my assumptions???? thanks.
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