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    Chevy part.. What is it

    Can you ID this part? $5 plus shipping.
  2. wndsofchng06

    NC pole barn

    Been rehabbing an old pole barn to make a garage. I'm now working on leveling the floor for concrete. Almost everything used to repair this building is salvage material, some well over 100 years old.. you can see some new tin in there. With me working solo, took 6 months to get it back to this stage. Roughly 20x25x10. The extra 4x4s will come out now that the roof is up. Made a custom hanging with a Buick horn button for the front. Got tired and built a bench to rest on... Sorry no Buick tailgate?
  3. wndsofchng06


    I wonder that too. Especially at antique auctions and the like when you find old family photos..
  4. wndsofchng06

    1939 Century coupe, $13,000 in Fort Worth, TX

    Wow. Nice looking car for the money!
  5. wndsofchng06

    NC pole barn

    Broke ground today.... The soil below thw surface is like Jello...it literally jiggles. Gotta wait a few weeks, months, years till it dries (we had over 100 inches of rain in 2018!). Ugh. So inn my bordom I got these:
  6. wndsofchng06


    I think the hoods for ambulance/hearses were taller.
  7. wndsofchng06

    1920 Buick K45 project Pittsburgh PA craigslist

    It is nice that it's not sunk in the mud.
  8. wndsofchng06

    1920 Buick K45 project Pittsburgh PA craigslist

    hey, it's titled!!
  9. So a gent stopped in today to sell me a 320 dual carb intake (I didnt buy it) but was telling me that in early 53 buick made a car with a straight eight and a 4bbl. Is this true?
  10. wndsofchng06

    54/55 big body power steering

    2 big body p/s boxes still available.
  11. wndsofchng06

    54/55 big body power steering

    Power steering out of a 1955 roadmaster. Mileage unknown. Should be rebuilt before install. Asking $250 with the outer column. $200 without. I did the heavy degreasing, the rest is up to the buyer. Mounting bolts and pitman arm included.
  12. wndsofchng06

    53 buick straight eight and a 4bbl. Does it exist?

    Wow Thanks. He was only 1 year off. But I never knew that existed!
  13. Casting #s in photos. I have valve covers for them. Free. You pay to ship or pickup.
  14. wndsofchng06

    Claimed. Free Two straight eight heads

    Going to Buick Gradens are decorative pieces.
  15. I have a philco Manual control unit new in box. Comes with the instructions and Hardware. Box states it fits a 1941 1942-47 40 and 60 series. $150. Plus shipping.
  16. wndsofchng06

    41,42,46 carter 2bbl NOS

    Box in rough shape, carb is dirty but not stuck. Original paperwork says $26 plus $6 core. So I'll ask $32 plus shipping.
  17. 0NOS. Box in rough shape. Carb a little dirty, but not stuck. Original paperwork says $26 with a $6 core. So.... Asking $32 plus shipping
  18. wndsofchng06

    WTB 1956 1957 1958 starter relay

    I also have these on my cars...
  19. wndsofchng06

    Salvage or no

    I have plenty. And I wouldnt sell them knowing all this. That being said, with shipping I probably couldn't give them away if I wanted too.
  20. wndsofchng06

    Salvage or no

    I just got this head back from being cleaned and cracked detected but look at these three valve seats... I know you can't install hardened seats in here but do you think this is salvageable at all?
  21. wndsofchng06

    Post pictures of past Buicks that you have had

    I didn't mean to make you self conscious......
  22. wndsofchng06

    Post pictures of past Buicks that you have had

    I read this as YOU were 33 not the car. I had to re-read several times. Lol
  23. wndsofchng06

    NC pole barn

    We don't get a lot of snow here. Plus it's too late now anyhow. Paid for, if I backed out I lose a significant amount of money.