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  1. This thing has been on and off CL for a long time... and it's ROUGH. It's not that far from me and as much as I yearn for a 55, I'm not going near it!
  2. Right. The potmetal on the 2dr can be completely unbolted and removed. IIRC on the 4dr hardtop, the frame that the stainless screws to is part of the door.
  3. Ive used a little vaseline or a little Crisco in the past.....
  4. Thanks for all your hard work. I fully understand that family and the actually hobby need to come before the online version.
  5. If it's a strong runner with decent compression I'd let the engine stay for now. Scope creep can drag a project out forever...
  6. Oh no! You'll fix her I hope?
  7. I've seen this photo a few times. Just realized it's in Greensboro, NC. About an hours drive from me!
  8. Well guys... due to a bunch of "stuff" I'll probably be setting this car loose. I hate it but something has to go. I'm going to put the clutch in and the glass in the doors, shine her up and roll her on. If anyone has interest I'm thinking of using BAT which requires they be the only site it's advertised on while the ad is active.
  9. Price really depends on who has to have it. Its limited interest due to Buick, size, difficulty of resto, etc....
  10. *drool* I love 39s. Also love commercial/professional cars