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  1. wndsofchng06

    NC pole barn

    Not quite
  2. wndsofchng06

    Cadillac 500 intake

    Looking for a dual plavlne intake for a 472/500 to put on my 425.
  3. wndsofchng06

    Emergency light

    Neat emergency light, suction cup bottom. 6v, I dont have a 6v battery so not sure it it operates. $25 obo.
  4. Build this one next... You have how many vacant acres left?
  5. wndsofchng06

    NC pole barn

    Its nothing that great. Its a metal building. 24ft is the gable end. 3/12 roof pitch. Two 9x8 roll-up doors. I imagine you could add on in the length direction fairly easy, but the width would require new trusses.
  6. wndsofchng06

    NC pole barn

    Well due to winters here is why its a 10 week total. 😒 had to go 28 deep. I have one vehicle (nonbuick) that is almost 22ft long that will need some significant work before being my daily driver! Also got 12ft walls to accommodate a future lift. My old pole barn will become parts storage and living quarters for buttercup.
  7. wndsofchng06

    NC pole barn

    Well those of you that follow my threads know that I have more stuff than I have room. Well as of yesterday its official, the farm is expanding. I'm adding a 24x28 garage, I put my deposit down yesterday. Will be 4-5 weeks on site prep and slab, then another 4-5 weeks on the building. I'll post here.
  8. Found in a pile of parts I bought. The distributors are dirty but look usable. Would like to sell the whole lot (2 distributors, 2 caps,and 2 helmets) $50 plus shipping.
  9. wndsofchng06

    Speedo glass ID help

    And another one.
  10. wndsofchng06

    6 volt electric vacuum pump

  11. wndsofchng06

    1935 to 1939 buick ignition locks with keys

    Last one sold.
  12. wndsofchng06

    Is this buick?

    Thanks for the help guys. I have hundreds of boxes to go through. I have 4 boxes of parts that fit my cars so far and will continue to share what I wont use, priced as low as possible so its not just sitting here unused.
  13. wndsofchng06

    Is this buick?

    Hmmm kinda does look Like it
  14. wndsofchng06

    Is this buick?

    Odd distrubutors