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  1. Thanks Guys, I have now found it... What a pain this could be ARGGGGH
  2. Hi guys I replaced a 2 barrel with the 322 4 barrel carter and cannot find where this stove pipe comes from out of the manifold...As the 2 barrel was never connected and the 4 barrel I would love to connect otherwise I am having trouble starting the car. I have looked at all the close up pics but cannot find a hole in my manifold for it to go, can anyone help me??? maybe a pic with enough engine in the shot to locate it for me, or a description of location would be great?? Thanks in advance
  3. Is anyone interested in selling a intake and 4barrel carby and sending it to Australia??? its to go on to a 1954 264. PM me would be great if someone could help, Or know where I can get one... Thanks;)
  4. is it the 322??? im after an intake and 4Barrel
  5. Anytime guys. If ur in Sydney I would like me than willing to go for a cruise in it. And shadetree she was on ebay for the while actually. Was possibly be bad pic of it though
  6. Hi there. My name is Rob, I live in sydney Australia. I have just purchased a 54 buick special, from Jackson Tennessee. I'm still waiting for the car to leave America an arrival here for the to drive. This is my first 50s car, but I have live an breathed the rockabilly scene for 15 years. I also own a harley Davidson 97 heritage custom. And also a ski race boat with the 350 onboard
  7. Mr earl, also how much and can u post pics of the ones u have thank you sir. Also i have tried to contact ebay seller, and no luck, as he does not answer questions, so is it possible, if the shipping company wont allow me to send it there, that i can send them to u first, thanks
  8. Pics are up in members gallery, thanks for all ur help guys. Mr earl, my car is still in the US on the dock, waiting to be shipped to me, so i will find out tomorrow if they can load the ones off ebay into the car, as im not sure if its in the container yet or not. If not If i can get you to ship them to me, after a redirection via your address that would be great also.... Sorry i have not been around much, I have had a few busy days... THANKS AGAIN ALL!
  9. I tried to become a member of that site a few weeks back, with a message saying my email was being blocked. I tried contacting admin, but never received a response... not sure why... and I will post more pics very soon
  10. Hey rooster, I have a special... Just uploaded a profile pic... sorry im just new on this site
  11. Hi guys, im in need of a set of front dagmars for my 54, I have had lots of trouble locating these, any help would be great Thanks in advance
  12. Im in need of a set of 54 buick dagmars, I have purchased a 54 special, and unfortunately, it does not have them on it.... Hopefully someone can help me out Cheers