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  1. Here's something unusual, it's obviously a smoker's kit vanity probably for a backseat, but with a flip-top. The design of the lighter suggests 1930 or later (1929 and earlier they had the lighters that extend out on a cord, right?). 1930 and 1931 Packard had amber bakelite dash knobs this same color... With the flip-top, would it go into an armrest? Lighter socket says "Casco". Any idea what car this is out of? Thanks in advance.




  2. So, here's the story. My grandfather, who is 91 years young and has been in the classic car hobby for 65 years working with accessories only, tells me stories of the dealer's version of the accessory brochure from the late 1920s and through the 1930s into the 1940s, BUT primarily in and through the 1930s. Some of the knowledgeable few here might be familiar with the customer accessory brochure showing the many accessories available for our favorite cars; radio, heater, spotlight, cigar lighter, fog and driving lights, backup lights, etc. This is NOT the car brochure with only a worded list of accessories in the back of the book, I mean the ACCESSORY brochure listing ONLY accessories with FULL PICTURES. HOWEVER, there was a brochure kept by the dealer with 'NOT FOR PUBLIC VIEWING' right on the front cover. It contained a list of accessories with wholesale prices that the dealer could buy from the supplier. It was not to be viewed by the public because it was intended to instruct the salesmen with guidelines and rules, so obviously you didn't want the public in on the trade secrets. During the depression not many cars were selling, so the salesmen had to sell something else to make a profit. In this dealer accessory brochure are some accessories not shown in the customer copy. For example, grandfather tells me that Packard had a dealer licensed flashlight and holder with the 'Packard' script that was ONLY shown in the dealer copy. You might ask "Well, how can the customer buy something they don't know about?". The dealer would push it on them and offer it. Ask any vintage Packard owner today about the flashlight and they might say "I don't see it in my brochure," but it was! In the dealer copy!

    Grandfather says he has seen these dealer accessory brochures, but has never managed to get a copy of one, original or otherwise. Has anyone else ever heard of one, or might even have pictures? Any year (1920s through 1940s), any make of car! Did they exist and have any survived?

  3. I am suspicious of this ad. I received an email advertising this car from a person I've never met before. It was also my private email address I ordinarily do not publicize. The email was not directed at me (No "Hello <name>" as usual) as it was written more as a flyer than a formal letter. It also contained a link claiming to have more pictures, but I did not recognize the link as one of the usual picture hosting sites. I was wary of the site link being malicious, so I did not visit it. I snipped a portion of a paragraph and Googled it, hence finding this forum post and the same ad posted to many other car sales sites. I do see this user has forum posts denoting that of a real honest person. What irked me was getting the ad sent to my private email address and not knowing how John here got my contact info.

    Not dissing the ad, just a bit perturbed. Open minded to an explanation.

  4. For sale is this extremely rare pair of 7" fog lights, as shown in the Cord accessory brochure with the designated mounting brackets.

    These fog lights are in very good original condition and are free of dents. The lenses are free of cracks. They will either go right onto an original driver car or will rechrome to show quality.

    They are priced $1,250.00. Call 805-569 7160. California between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM PST. Ask for Roy or Daniel.







  5. Here's a great pair of lighted Pontiac indian head fender guides. The material (which might be lucite? how can I tell?) and general design suggests 1949-'52 and early '50s, as it bears a resemblance to the indian head hood ornaments used then, but that's only my guess. How and where would they mount? Earlier fender guides in the 1930s and '40s clamped to the apex of the wheel opening in the front fender, but I'm not sure about these. They have only a loop where the mounting clamp would be. Most of the fender guides I've seen in the '50s mounted to the headlight rims. This pair has shafts that are offset for left and right side. They are probably aftermarket. This is the only pair my grandfather has seen in this style, compared to the earlier and more common smaller red ones of a different style (of the same shape as the red, I once saw a blue one).

    Thoughts? Advice? Thanks!




  6. 18" wheels would be 1930-1932. They are not racing wheels, as they don't have adjustable spokes. I can confirm they are knock off wheels. If you can determine if they are Rudge-Whitworth (take the tires off, look for a mark), you can use the appropriate hubs. Thanks to my grandfather for helping me answer.

  7. post-93520-143141961462_thumb.jpg

    Here's something interesting, a Kari-Keen trunk that expands to double it's size. I've been told they are rare, but I don't know to what extent. The ones I've seen (in the many "original" copies of paper ads available on Ebay) are more squared off, or contoured to fit and be bolted to the back of a car. This one is much more rounded, well proportioned and is intended to sit by itself on a luggage rack. It measures 36" x 16 1/2" x 18" high, a desirable size. It's design is somewhere between 1932 and 1937.

    Would anyone please share what they know about this magic expanding trunk? Does it really have something to do with an airplane company? When were they manufactured or popular, and with what makes of car? Can a value be placed? I appreciate it!





  8. Not an accessory, but that is the standard tail lamp for a Big 6 - the Special 6 had a plain rim but used the same housing and the light 6 was different. Some of the years would read "Studebaker Stop" when lit - you should take the bezel off and see if it does - might mean something to a potential buyer.

    Thank you for the information. That is very helpful. It does indeed say "STOP" in the lens. Is it just for 1924, or is it also correct for other years?

  9. Would someone kindly help identify what year these MoPar Ventshades are for? Plymouth P30 and P31, Dodge P70 and P71. 2 door suburbans (does that mean station wagons?). I am quite sure they are 1957, but someone measured their door window and told me it didn't match the overall length of the Ventshade.

    1957 Mopar Plymouth Dodge 2dr Suburban Station Wagon Door Top Ventshades Visors | eBay

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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