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  1. okay so ive now fixed the headlight problem and now i just have to figure out why the car wont idle at all , also my father believes the starter is stuck because of how much power its sucking from the battery when i try to start it.
  2. were is the diode and how can i check if its still good?
  3. i will try cleaning the iac tommarow to see if that fixes the problem and how would i figure out whats causing the headlamps to automaticly pop up and not retract.
  4. The check engine light is on and yes there is a button that should retract headlamps but when ever you push the button they dont retract. can still put them down manually but its a pain in the butt to do considering ever time i turn the car car on the headlamps pop up . any idea on how to fix the harmonic balancer?
  5. Hi i have recently acquired a 1989 Buick Reatta and there are some problems with the car. 1 problem is that when ever i turn the car on the headlights come up and they wont retract. 2nd the car can't idle and when i had a diagnostic run it said there is something wrong with the computer reley. 3rd problem is when i run the car and use the gas peddle to keep it running there is a knocking noise which my father and I diagnosed as the lower pulley/ harmonic balancer being loose. Any suggestions on how to fix these problems would be great. Thanks Steve.