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  1. This is all I have right now I will post more as I go
  2. Hey keiser31 I think the Canadian cars got the Plymouth bodies this is a Canadian car I'm the third owner do you know if the sedan rear fenders would fit the coupe?
  3. Hey Brendan my wife is from the rock near corner brook will be there in September very nice ford
  4. I think I may have mislead you guys you see I am new to this hobby my first oldie I have built a few ralley cars like my Subaru but never anything like this dodge coupe it appears that the person who had it before me was going to make a rod out of it and I thought that that was my only option after researching a bit I have found some good info like where to get new floor pans other body parts not so easy up here in Canada they are scarce as for original drive trains they are like needles in hay stacks any way let me apologize for using that nasty hotrod word and any help with the body would be
  5. I just brought my new project home and I cant wait to get started the car is in pieces but all there except drive train plan to restore what i really need is body and chasis specs and some parts floors, moldings, etc. any info out there would be greatly apreciated. I,ll post some pics later the car is a delux coupe i understand it is rare not sure it has square headlights . like i said any info or coments are welcome thanks inthewoods
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