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  1. I am wiring up my overdrive in my 41 Zephyr. Does anyone know where the Kickdown switch goes? This car did not have an overdrive so I am flying blind. If you have a picture, that would be great. Also, any recommendations on gear oil weight and/or brand for Transmission, OD and rear Diff. Any help would be appriciated
  2. I posted a topic about adding an overdrive to my 41 Zephyr back in October of 2015. I have since put the OD in the car with a modified rear support. It is a Borg Warner R-10. I am now looking at what length drive shaft I need. I have located one that I believe is 60 inches (torque tube length) and if my calculations are correct, I think I need one that is 61 Inches long. Are there different lengths depending on the OD? Or, is this OD not correct for the Zephyr. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Do you still have the Instrument cluster for sale? Also, I am looking for a 41 over drive. Any ideas?
  4. Could the 42 be adapted to fit in my 41? In other words, could the mount be changed to fit?
  5. I have attached a picture of an overdrive that I am told is out of a 42 Lincoln Zephyr. I am not sure if that is correct but wondered if anyone could identify it or knows if it will fit in a 41 Zephyr. Any Info you can give would be helpful.
  6. I now have my 41 Zephyr up and running thanks to help from this forum. The car runs good but at 50 MPH, the engine revs very high. I would like to get it to be a better cruiser. What is the best approach, OD transmission, Columbia 2 speed or a higher ratio rear end. Also, are these rear axles like the V-8 Fords i.e.. is the ratio stamped on the axle somewhere. The one in the car feels like a 4:11. Thanks
  7. What is the correct gap for the Champion Plugs on the V-12. I don't have any info on that.
  8. I have tried Earl Brown several times to check on parts and I keep getting voice mail and no returned call. Is he still in business? Is there anyone else who would have a rear main seal and oil pan gasket set. Thanks
  9. It is the metal one that the slinger sits in. I will check with Earle Brown. Can it be installed with the crank in the engine?
  10. Looks like the reason my 41 Zephyr was leaking so much oil out of the rear main is that the upper half of the seal is missing. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement seal?
  11. I got the oil pan off and thanks for all the help. It appears that there are freeze plugs where the oil pan meets the engine block. About 1/2" in diameter. The bad news is it appears that two are leaking. Can these be repaired some way or do they have to be replaced? Also, where can I get a good engine oil pan gasket set and does anyone sell the freeze plugs? Thanks
  12. I have a severe rear oil leak on my 41. Trying to assess the problem but I can't get the oil pan down. It's hitting the wishbone and won't drop. Any suggestions??
  13. My 41 Zephyr has developed an extremely bad rear engine seal leak. Can you replace the rear seal with the engine in the car? Also, what is the best type of seal to use. I have little experience with V-12s or the type of rear seals they use. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Just an update on the V-12 starting problem. I got the heavy cables as suggested and cleaned the engine and starter where they mate and problem appears to be solved. Turned over faster when cold and turned over and started when hot. Thanks for all the input.
  15. I have some nos side trim and an nos glove box emblem. This is left over from a 55 conv. I bought some years ago. If interested, I can inventory and price what I have for you.
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