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  1. My grandfather, George F. Schulz- original seven who started SCCA, from Ma./N.H. saved lots of correspondences; Vincent Galloni, O.S. Hatton, D. Cameron Peck, Herbert Royston, P.E. de Rochemont, sales reciepts to; Les Taylor-Mercer car/parts circa 1949, John Duby- Sporting, mot. no. 52265, Raceabout, mot. no. 5628, 6/21/45. Others include- Ted Robertson- good friend, H.M. Burrows, Ed Sturgis, Sonny Garganigo, N.W. Long @ Heald Machine Co., Schoonmaker and Glass- Referencing a1925 Mercer 6 cyl. Raceabout for sale,1925. I believe he owned- as I sift through, a 1922 Raceabout 4 cylinder engine no. 6242, Raceabout eng. no.6272 makers no. 16870, Touring eng. no. 5086, makers no. 5221, Touring eng. no. 4918, makers no. 4968. I don't have any recocrds of other cars he may have owned. If any of this is familiar or of interest....?

    Dear Mercer enthousiast, living in Belgium,I recently found a 1919 Mercer racebout in Europe but with a french 4 cyl engine. Could you please help me tracking an original mercer engine for this car as this car is particularily rare in Europe.