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  1. Thank you very much, I've got those cataloged now One less thing ~T~
  2. Outstanding, thank you very much ~T~
  3. Will do...and I'll start the e-bay ordeal ~T~
  4. They're both 37 presidents, stamped 37CW-3 Thanks for the well wishes ~T~
  5. More questions :confused: Can anyone tell me how to remove the door without damaging the piece that keeps the door from swinging all the way open (37 President rear doors) Anything would help, I don't want to booger it up. ~T~
  6. This is what I'm workin with on day 2 Hoods and fenders rough, but do-able ~T~
  7. As things stand that's still years in the future....I just started the frame-off and total engine/trans rebuild on the first one (And they were rescued from a field after who knows how long; but the bones are good)...Enough to keep me busy till I can tell my son that he'll have to rebuild the other one.
  8. If I can keep the 2nd original, I will...but I'm not sure I've got the parts to do it justice.
  9. Awesome, Thank you...I found one on e-bay...but it was...well...lacking (to be polite). I'm sure my wife will love me having another car parts store on speed-dial...lol ~T~
  10. OUTSTANDING!! Thank you. I was planning on turning one into a Rod and keeping one original, and wanted to keep the original one with what it came with from the factory, even if it's not OD. ~T~
  11. Does anyone know where I can acquire a shop manual for a 1937 Studebaker President?
  12. This may make me sound inept, but how can I tell if my transmission has overdrive? 1937 Presidents
  13. Does anyone know the original colors for a 37 President?