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  1. I'm looking at a 1924 tt c cab that dosent have the factory bed. I really want to get into showing cars and I feel a t is one of the easer cars to restore to a points earning vehicle. I use those terms lightly. Im still learning, and I have a lot to learn.
  2. Could the vehical be judged without a bed?
  3. Thanks for the feedback, this clears it up a little bit for me.
  4. How is a home made truck bed judged?Is it judged based on the hardware only, or is there no judging on it at all. From what I've been reading the factory bed on a 1924 c cab was not the designed well (the sides wee too short) so most of the trucks were order with no bed and the owners of the vehicles would build there own. Im just curious -Thanks-
  5. I do believe they were discs until 1930, and I know that's not original but I want it for the drivability factor, I have 2 sets of discs but would like to have the wire wheels. long term is to get the wood spoke tires back on it.
  6. yes my truck is a 6 lug, I found a web side last night that says that the 6 lug Chevy wheels were all the same till 1948. id like to believe that's true.
  7. dose anybody know if the wheel hub pattern for the 1927-1930 wheels changed. I am looking for wire wheels to put on my 1927 Chevy truck. if any body could give me any information on the bolt pattern size it would be greatly appreciated, thanks for the help
  8. There is no timing chain its just the cam an crank gears. I thought there was one too at first? Sent from my HUAWEI H883G using Tapatalk
  9. I believe the linkage that connects to the bottom of the distributor to the advance is broken. But everything else seems to be working on the inside. And I'll definitely consider replacing it if I like the motor. Sent from my HUAWEI H883G using Tapatalk
  10. Its a mechanical advance but its not moving as much as my other engine. I hooked the distributor to a drill and it seems to be working the way it should. I think I have to rotate it more to get the points to open in an earlier spot Sent from my HUAWEI H883G using Tapatalk
  11. Right now I have the wastegate cracked open so it leaks, I'm just trying to get the engine to run and see if it will even spool I believe it should it small. After putting the engine back together it seems I'm have some minor timing issues. And the service manual isn't very helpful for the timing. The spark advance and retard don't seem to be moving as far as my other ones. Sent from my HUAWEI H883G using Tapatalk
  12. well the other day I got a bug to rebuild the motor, but I wanted to do something different so I found a turboed model A engine on youtube and nobody has a documented vintage chevy motor that was turboed so I gave it a go. I fabricated a new exhaust manifold and had a flange made for the turbo manifold. I sent that out to a local metal shop and had the flange nickel welded to the cast manifold and viola. next I had to find all the good parts to build a reliable head so I found valves and spings ect in great shape from the three heads I had laying around. pistons and rings were next and that was a job and a half because everything just broke so I had to find all new rings and clean up my pistons after that I just cleaned everything lubricated it and put it back together. distributer was shot so had to find another one of those found I had one laying on an old motor in my collection it looked brand new so on it went! planning on fireing it tomorrow, everything in the motor will be balanced once I find out if it spools the tubro additional info: TD04 turbo, cleaning took 3 days.....
  13. I had one like this a while ago. The guy sent me pictures and everything (he pulled them off google) it gave it away when he asked me to "gift" him the money on PayPal. Sent from my HUAWEI H883G using Tapatalk
  14. I do believe im going to use the disc wheels, id like to keep it as original to the period as possible. The only reason I want the t5, and rear axle is to make it more fun to drive. I would try to find a gear splitter, but I think the new trans and rear would be almost the same thing and alot cheeper and easer to find
  15. I did think about another truck but I think a vintage speedster would be much more unique, but I dont know iv never seen a speedster in my area. The wood truck in the back behind the one on the trailer is a work in progress my grandfather and I put together.
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