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  1. I recently aquired 2 (two) 1929 Pontiac Coupes both with Indiana titles. One is all original - the other has had a 331 Hemi put in it. The bodies are off and taken apart on both of them. The chassis are all together. I was told by a good friend of the man who had the cars, the he had both motors running. Looks like he had intention of making an original car out of one and a rat rod out of left over parts - but that is just a guess on my part. My plan is to try to start the motors and verify that, then set the bodies back on the chassis just enough to take to Pate Swap Meet. Ill include a few pics here of the way they were sitting when i got them so you can have an slight idea of what is there and what shape. The cars are located about 60 miles east of Amarillo, Texas. if someone is interested in them as is - make me an offer. Cant get too much more detail, but i can get more pics if needed. Shoot me a message.
  2. The original title?? wow, that would be cool to have in itself. The motor is out of the GTO, torn down, and off to the machine shop. This weekend going to try and find some wheels and tires to put on this thing just to get it so can roll it around. Then will start doing some cleaning and tinkering to see if can figure out what might be wrong with the motor. Wife wants me to hurry up and get this one going because it is "cuter".... lol
  3. Well, sold the Camaro as is last night. Now on to the GTO....................
  4. Thanks to all for all the tips and compliments. I am really excited about the Dodge. We are going to get the Camaro going asap and probably wind up selling it. Then I have a GTO that I have had 40 years since high school days. I building new motor for it and I am going to finish it up before start doing anything to the Dodge. I will see a guy this weekend that I know has a spare engine out of a 39. I am going to see what he is going to do with that as a possible backup. Lots of possibilities and ideas, but lots of time to decide too. Will keep you posted on progress.
  5. No, numbers do not match up. Will keep it and tear it down and see if salvageable, but going to try and get it going for now with the 283.
  6. My thoughts exactly. I want to keep the Dodge looking just like it is now. We pulled the plugs on the Camaro and one cylinder is rusted up. Motor will not turn over. It is a 307 car so we pulled the motor today. Have an extra 283 that we are going to stick in it for now. The body on the Camaro is in extremely good shape. Pulled seats and carpet out for good thorough cleaning. There is no rust in the pans anywhere. Just barely seeing the start of it around the wheel well lips. overall very good. Now for the 31...................um still thinking on that one. Motor is locked up in it too. Going to stew on it a while.
  7. There is a guy here that has written some books called "Rare Finds" that shows different cars being pulled out of barns and different places. He came out and took dozens of photos and video. We got the lady that used to own the car out and she came down to see it. He interviewed her and then took few shots of her with the car. He is going to put it all together for us. Actually a lot of fun and interesting. Real nice to be able to talk to the lady and get her stories about the car.
  8. Well we finally got this deal done and got these cars this weekend. Here are a few shots of the Dodge. First is after we got the Camaro out, then a couple of the first time the Dodge has seen daylight in 59 years. Then after I gave it a quick rinse to knock of the worst of the dirt.
  9. Have to admit - I also just happen to have a good 331 hemi with a 4 speed behind it and I cant get that out of my head lol. I will definitely wait till I get it out and cleaned up to make a decision tho. Try and see if I can figure out what is wrong with the motor in it now first for sure. Honestly, I am more of street rod kind of guy with these type cars, but I am not one to jump right in and chop up a perfectly good original car either, not enough of them left. Time will tell. Once I get it out and back to my shop, it will just sit for a bit while I finish putting motor back in my GTO so I will have some time to stew on it.
  10. lol - that is amazing. Thought I had inside track on the deal. I am anxious to get it out and see what we have too. I am located about 60 miles east of Amarillo, Tx. I am going to son college grad next weekend, so going to have to wait till weekend after that to get it out.
  11. newbie here but want to show y`all what I stumbled on. Found a 31 business coupe in a barn here where I live and finally got the deal done on it this past weekend. This is about the best pic I could get of it as is. The owner is an older lady here in town got married in the mid 40s. This car was her new husbands first car. She cant remember when he bought it, but claims he bought it from the original owner. She says she does still have the title from when he bought it, so once she finds that it will tell me. They drove the car as their family car until 53 when something happened to the motor - again, she cant remember or doesn't know what happened. It has been parked since 53. They moved it over to the building it is in now sometime in the mid 70s. Here they built the shelves and storage around the car and that is still the way it sits. The husband passed away a few years ago. Her son finally convinced her to sell it to me this past weekend and we made a deal. Not going to be able to get it out of the building until they get the junk off the storage that is stacked up around the car. Once we get it out, I will take some more pics and post them to brag a little. I hear Keiser is the man on these cars. Once I get it out and some more pics, will holler at him. Not sure what my plan is going forward, going to have to wait and get it out so i can see exactly what I have. PS - I got the Camaro too!! 69 was daughters car that has been parked in the building since later 70s best they can remember.