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  1. I've decided to list the mirror on EBay....here's the link in case you are interested. 1963 65 F85 Olds 88 98 Starfire Chrome Mirror Oldsmobile SM6365L Free SHIP | eBay If you need it sooner let me know! thx
  2. shoot. After further research I see that you can get a polished one of these with mounting bracket and gasket for around $70.00. So would there be an interest in this given the condition? Maybe I'll just yard sale it.
  3. thanks for the info! Does anyone need this? Thinking of ebaying it.
  4. I found this in a barn purchased seven years ago and i cannot figure out what car or truck this goes to. See pictures. The tell on this part would be the frying pan or record circular grooves on the back of the mirror. I'm willing to sell this if someone tells me what this came off of....anyone? Thx!
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