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  1. Yes, I love the lines of this car as well. My previous project was a 1954 Lincoln Capri (its the yellow car in the garage in the photos). I loved the car and it was similar to the mercury in that it was straight as an arrow and virtually rust free, but the butter yellow color never really did it for me, and the lines just are just a little to bubbled. Oh well though, it's moved on. The continental kit on the car looks great, but I discovered it has caused some problems over the years. I don't know if it is a common issue, but the kit has two mounting bolts that attached where t
  2. Well it's official, my wife hates me and hates my car even more. Just kidding, she just hates the car. Hello everyone, I have been lurking around the far corners of this forum for a few years reading about the magnificent work that everyone has done and marveling at the resident knowledge. I had another project that has moved on but in it's place I was given a new one. I thought it was about time that I tried to contribute to this great community that I have been enjoying for a while. So without further gilding the lily, here is the newest project that my wife wants to run me
  3. Thanks for the thoughts. I have been doing some more homework and I am thinking that since 90% of my time will not be towing that an F150/1500 will probably be the better choice as they make more $$ sense to operate. I think that I am going to start hunting for one of the Ram 1500s with the diesel, I am already seeing them in the used car markets (I never understood why someone would buy a car, put 4500 miles on it and trade it in?). With the right setup it will tow well in excess of what I need and gets high teens MPG around town and 20+ highway, sounds like a winner for what I need. Thou
  4. Hello all, I had a couple questions that I wanted to get some input from folks that have some more experience. My situation in a nutshell is I am in the military, I move every 2-3 years. I also have a 1954 Lincoln that I am working on and need to transport with me. Currently the car is in the Seattle area but will be joining me this spring. Once it gets here I will need to trade-in my little sedan for something capable of towing the Lincoln. I have done some homework on the issue and I plan to tow an open trailer with the car, total weight should max between 7100 and 7500 lbs. I know pretty mu
  5. What is it about that show that makes it so dang interesting? I can't help but watch for a few minutes, or until the wife complains..
  6. I am a little surprised that nobody has mentioned Velocity's "Graveyard Carz". While I have the personal opinion that reality TV is the death throes of western civilization, I think that show seems to be about the happiest middle-ground out there. There is plenty of angst within the crew to give the mass of viewers what they want to see and enough car to keep it interesting for the rest of us. I particularly enjoy the facts that they try to document the cars from new, find original owners, and talk about just how long the process really is (even if they edit it to seem shorter). I was wonde
  7. Hi, I was looking for someone who could rebuild mine as well. I finally just did it myself with a rebuild kit from Kanter. The Treadle-Vac system is amazingly simple for what it is. The only time that you really need to have it professionally done is if the bore where the seals go in the back of the master cylinder itself are pitted or if the membrane in the vacuum can is torn. The membrane is about the only perishable part that you can not buy. If you do want it rebuilt, there are some places that do it but it is about $350 plus usually a $300 core deposit. I will look for the sites I h
  8. The car is about 63k and change for milage. We cant be 100% sure it hasnt rolled over but the man who sold the car to my dad swore that it was original milage and given the shape of the car it is likely the truth. Oh and by the way, I appologize to anyone reading my post for the poor grammar and sentence structure about the roof. That is what I get for trying to type with the wife, baby, and dogs all trying to get my attention.
  9. Hi, Anyone interested in a 99% survivor take a look at this car. I am listing this for my dad. I have crawled around this car in person and I believe it has close to every option that you could get in 1953 with the Cosmopolitan trim package including the optional fog lamps and back-up lights. The car is not perfect, but is exactly what you would expect for a well cared for 60 year old car. I believe that at some point the roof was re-painted at some point years back to the current color (I haven't had a chance to look at the data plate and find out if that was the stock color yet) and the
  10. I have driven the western part of that route a bunch of times. All of the places mentioned so far are great to stop at. The only ones that I would recomend adding are: The Lemay Museum - I know it was already mentioned but it is a great museum and if you are heading from Olympia to I-90 you are driving right past anyway. The Lincoln 10,000 Silver Dollar - its a tourist trap just inside the Montana/Idaho border, but fun to stop in and see all the silver dollars they have collected and hung on the walls over the years. Little Big Horn - Site of "Custer's Last Stand". It is in eastern Montana
  11. Just cruising old posts and saw this... I can't resist... "Hey, hold my beer n' watch this!"
  12. I posted this under general as tredel vacs are very universal, but it was suggested I ask here as well. Does anyone know of a direct replacement dual brake mastercylinder that I can use to replace the single cylinder on a 1954 treadel vac power brake system? I do not want to modify my lincoln so if I can not find a bolt-on I will rebuild the stock unit, but a dual would be great for safety. Thanks Adam
  13. Luckily on my Lincoln I dont have the issue of mounting under the floor, it is on the firewall and actuated by a lever system similar to modern systems so the pedal is not directly connected as with some others. I will try and post this in the Lincoln group and see if they have any other take on it. I really am trying to maintain as much original equipment as possible but as I will want to take the family for a cruise at some point I am willing to make a concession or two to safety. I didnt figure that this was a quick or easy change as it is all one big assembly and the m/c three bolt mount
  14. Does anyone know of a direct replacement dual brake mastercylinder that I can use to replace the single cylinder on a 1954 treadel vac power brake system? I figured this would get some good responses here as many makes used these systems back in the day. I do not want to modify my lincoln so if I can not find a bolt-on I will rebuild the stock unit, but a dual would be great for safety. Thanks Adam
  15. Quick update in case anyone actually wanted to know. After this weekend I’m pretty sure I need to go make an offering of a quart of oil to the motor gods. After flushing the transmission and filling it back up I was going to try and adjust the bands to save having to do a rebuild. My uncle happened to be there when I was doing this and hopped in the running car. He worked the gear selector a bit before saying “Hey this thing is working”. Sure enough the flush of 1 part lacquer thinner to 2 parts ATF must have freed up a stuck valve. The transmission now locks into gear (drive and reverse)
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