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    59 edsel villager

    whats up everyone! I have spent the last hour looking through the site reading the forums and looking at the pics. glad to see someone had taken the time to post so much about these cars. Recently, My boss bought a 59 Villager (not sure if its a 6 or 9 passanger yet(will check that out monday)) when we went to go pic it up it had no motor no trans no interior and about half the glass was/is broken what I do know is happening with the project: We stripped the car down, sent the body off, cleaned up and blasted the frame, ordered 3" drop spindles and disk brake conversions we are putting a 302/5.0 motor in hoping we will be able to keep the fuel injection and am hoping to have the frame and suspention put back together this week and rolling around the shop. I do know this project must be complete by June 22nd (day it is getting sold at auction in CA) but our goal to finish and drive is by June 1st. I will be sure to come back and post pics for everyone to veiw. if anyone has any good information for me please feel free to add it here (even if it is just good edsel trivial knowledge)