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  1. A. Ballard 35R hit the nail on the head. Bill Bell was a Simplex owner and spent the last 10 - 15 years of his life putting together a Simplex Registry. He was a Mechanical Engineer with a tremendous passion for detail and accuracy. Bill spent literally hundreds of hours scouring vehicle registration books, social registers and any and all other sources tracing the history of any chassis built by the Simplex factory. I don't remember the exact number but I know he had factual data for far better than 50% of the cars built. To answer Glenn Woods original question, Dave Staddt now has the registry in his possession since Bill Bells passing. There are several other copies out there as well. Hope this info helps.

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  2. I have 2 car doors from around the late 20's, one front, one rear. Both doors are 31" wide by 44&1/2" high. The actual glass opening in each is the same, 25&3/4"w by 15&5/8"h.They are skinned in aluminum, have 3 hinges on each door and have a part number etched into their header(15778). They also have a recess cut into the top of each door frame for a closer to fold into. See pics. Much too nice not to find a home for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    IMG_2569 (2).JPG



    IMG_2573 (2).JPG

  3. Thanks for the input. Your idea of a rebody sounds the most likely. The top which went over the Chauffeur is also available as are two sliding glass windows with bevelled glass which would have seperated the driver from the passenger. The top was removable. The second set of doors are the aluminum skinned doors. I would like to identify them as they are in excellent condition. Thanks for the replys so far.

  4. Came across two sets of doors and need some help identifying. The first set was labeled Thomas but I have been told by a reliable source that no Thomas' are missing doors. There is also a removable top section that would have gone over the Drivers section.(not pictured). The doors measure 25&7/8" by 52 & 1/4". The second set of doors are a left front and rear with demensions of 31" by 44" high. They have a notch out in the top for a door stop to fold into and have a part number stamped in the wood of both door jambs of 15778. This set of doors are clad in aluminum skins. Any help with identification would be appreciated as I believe they are headed to the scrap yard.

    Thank you for any info.








  5. Thanks for the responses. I had talked to the Babbitt pot many many years ago but was recently told it had closed down. I will look into this as I know from past information that they do good work. I will also check with people described in the Pierce Arrow post above. Again thank you for the leads.


  6. Hello all,

    New to the forum but not to AACA. In the process of rebuilding my 1929 Essex Challenger and looking for a reliable builder,preferably, in New York state that has experience pouring Babbitt Bearings. So far I have not had much luck. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. I am located in Central New York near Syracuse.



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