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  1. I am in the process of making bows as we speak (couldn't find any online or would have bought), more so worried about around the door frame, I was assuming there would be a panel with teeth on the back side of it the liner would tuck up into or that there might be a panel to screw on top to finish the edge. Also assuming that the headliner is kind of free in the back end behind the trim panels? I am used to doing headliners in 50s Chevrolets and similar. there seem to be some major differences here and the car was gutted when I got it unfortunately.
  2. I am installing a headliner in a 1937 Plymouth Coupe and I believe I am missing some parts around the door frame area. Anyone know of any places I can buy interior parts for this car or have pictures of a completed headliner I can reference to make new pieces? I can not seem to find much about this car online.
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