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  1. Add me to the count, KD6UTT (General Class) here. I've never heard of an auto-related net, but that doesn't mean someone couldn't start one. It could be like a real-time version of this forum. As others have noted, it's never been easier to get your ticket (ham radio license.) No Morse code requirement for decades now. And courtesy of the pandemic, some amateur radio clubs (including the one that I belong to) are now doing the license classes via Zoom and other teleconferencing services. So you don't even need to travel to class. I got into the hobby in the mid-1970
  2. Take the news with a grain of salt. I have a 1986 performance car (Olds 442) and often explain to folks at shows that yes, the 307 V-8 with 180 hp was the most powerful engine that Olds had that year. Many of you can remember that in that era (early to mid-1980s) automotive writers and others were predicting the end of V-8 engines in cars. Full-size cars had 110 to 150 hp engines and couldn't get out of their own way. At the time, what would people have thought if you had said, in 2020, we would have everyday street-legal V-8 powered cars that have 400 to 800 hp? My point is, don't write t
  3. Hi, and welcome to the forum. Get the factory shop manual for your Cadillac. You'll find diagnostic flowcharts and other helpful info to diagnose your starting issue. The manual will also tell you where the various components are located. Try eBay for a manual, used ones there are usually quite affordable.
  4. Regarding arc grinding shoes, you may want to ask at brake supply shops that deal with commercial vehicles like large trucks. If they don't do it, they may be able to refer you to someone that does. You might have to start by asking around at the parts departments of large truck dealerships if there aren't any brake supply shops nearby. A lot of these services are business-to-business and they don't advertise. And by brake supply shops, I mean an establishment that primarily deals with brakes, which is not necessarily your local auto parts store. When calling around trying to loca
  5. Sounds like you used a couple of bad shops to start. It's frustrating, I've done the same. You may want to first check out any prospective shops with local car club members. Is there an AACA chapter nearby? Often times they're the best source of up-to-date info on who to use and who to avoid. They may even know of someone local in the business that paints cars on the side. I found a great body repair guy that retired from the local Buick dealership, came highly recommended from a few people in my local club. Ask (call or e-mail, now) around, the more people, the better.
  6. Another Californian here, I'd like to add that we love our rust-free cars (especially when working on them) and not having to worry about the dreaded tin worm (well, maybe just a little). Also, our weather permits one of the broadest car activity calendars anywhere. Easily April to mid-November. And with few exceptions, having roads free of frost heaves and related damage from the freeze-thaw cycles in colder parts of the country is nice. Yes, the registration fees are high here and passing a biennial smog check is needed for model year 1976 and up. But maybe it's offset by not nee
  7. You can also use the Report a Problem With an Order or Shipment screen under Order Status and Returns on their website to explain your problem and get a response. I've successfully ordered many times from RockAuto and did have a couple of screwed up items (half of a points set missing, etc.), but they always made things right when I contacted them.
  8. Northern California here and no issue received yet. Must be getting set aside for the next shipment at all of the connections between here and the printer.
  9. My pet peeve is a lack of basic information about the vehicle for sale. We sometimes see ads here on the forum where, after a lengthy ramble, no price is listed. I got a chuckle reading the attached ad, it has a price, but is lacking just about every other detail, including the year and model. Maybe the ads need a form where one needs to fill in the basics before it will post?
  10. For peace of mind and to limit your liability for tickets, accidents, etc. under the new owner, you might want to take care of this sooner rather than later. The downloadable Incomplete Transfer form and related instructions can be found on the Commonwealth's website at: https://drive.ky.gov/motor-vehicle-licensing/Pages/Vehicle-Titling.aspx under the heading Selling a Vehicle to an Out-of-State Resident. It looks like specific questions should be directed to the appropriate county clerk's office. A seller can almost never count on the buyer following through, for whatever reason.
  11. Here are a couple of mine. Black & yellow plate is on my '67 Volvo 122S, the other on my '73 Chevrolet Impala. One nice thing about California is that as long as you keep your registration current, you can keep the same plates on the vehicle, these plates are the originals. Also just realized that the license frames have the manufacturer's logos on them, that's seldom seen on newer frame designs.
  12. This was about three years ago, but yes, I sure did have a problem with AAA here in Northern CA about 2 p.m. on a weekday afternoon. Car had a transmission issue, so I pulled off into to a travel stop off the interstate in the San Francisco Bay Area. I wanted the car towed back to Sacramento (roughly 60 miles), figured no problem since I have AAA Plus, which covers up to 100 miles of towing. Well, since they couldn't make my tow and return to the Bay Area before rush hour started, I was told that no trucks were available to make my out-of-area tow until after 7 p.m. Fortunately,
  13. Here in town, we actually have an auto parts store (A&E) that specializes in parts for older cars. I also deal with local marque club members for parts. If they don't have a part, I can usually get a line on a source for it.
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