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  1. That's correct. Didn't know the proper temp (100F) Thanks
  2. So -- I think I've got it. Checked the power from the HVAC Programmer, had proper volts. (Thanks Ronnie) Finally, I found a used fan power module, plugged it in and voila, the fan works. Now I have to check and clean the evaporator while in the area. (Thanks Barney)
  3. In watching one other post subject there is mention of the fan not activating until the car has warmed properly. Could this be my problemand how is this checked out?
  4. I'll give it a try. I've never been able to get much air from this beast. RT
  5. On the 90 Reatta there is no fan for heat or otherwise. Have checked fuses and switched out control modules. Wondering if it could be the fan power module if so how to check it out and to locate said module.
  6. Hi Ronnie, Yes, that is the correct routing of the rod thru the assembly along with the routing of the door latch rod along side. I can see in your pix that the tine is still on the assembly that is inserted in the lock actuator's grommet. That is my main concern, what is my solution to correcting the missing tine? I think my best bet is to somehow, somewhere obtain an assembly (where can I get one), drill out the rivet that attaches the assembly to the door latch mechanism assembly frame and install a new one. I don't think I will be able to braze a tine on (not enough material). What do ya think? RT
  7. ElginRTR

    New idea

    Just a sideline comment. My dentist makes crowns on a 3D mill in his office as you wait. They are not like the old porcelain crowns but they are made of a hard plastic. Rather expensive though. RT
  8. Mc-Reatta, you're correct on the rod running thru the slot, just part of my trying to get to the door latch to lube. I knew someone would call me on the proper routing. The tine was broken(I think) because of the gummed up door latch. To fix the tine, it maybe possible to braze on a piece of metal. RT
  9. 90 Reatta Door Lock Ronnie, I hope you can see this pix? This lever assembly is muscled by the power lock actuator with the grommet. As you can see the tine on the assembly has broken off and is not connected to the actuator. I think the only option is to drill out the assembly and replace it, if I can find one. Thanks, RT
  10. There ya go, Ronnie. A picture is worth a 1000 words. I'll take a couple tomorrow and see if I can get them on a posting. Thanks, RT
  11. Mc-Reatta--Thanks for your reply. Yes it is the tine that is broken off the rubber grommet is in good shape. I think because of the gummed up works in the door latch has caused it to break off. I don't suppose I can just drill the swivel/spring assembly out and buy another to replace?
  12. The rod is not broken it's the tine that connects to the power lock. The rods work ok.
  13. 90 Reatta Coupe, The power lock does not work on both doors. The actuator moves but no locking or unlocking of mechanism. I believe the tine is broken connecting the rod to the actuator. A common problem?? What's the fix? Also what's the best way to clean and lube the lock mechanism in the door latch without taking the whole door apart? The manual door lock is stiff thinking that the latch is gummed up and that is what contributed to the failure of the power lock. Thanks for any thoughts.