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  1. Green37

    34 Lincoln v12 coupe

    Nothing like the quality of a Lincoln. Only the richest man in the world could lose $500 on each one.
  2. Bucketof Bolts hit the nail on the head. Still I will add a few photos I have from Last Year's Christmas Card. Car is in San Marino CA, right near Pasadena
  3. Time to let my baby go. Contact me here if interested.
  4. Green37

    Wanted ‘38’ Buick

    I think I'm going to be sick.
  5. Green37

    49 Fastback

    Still Looking for nice original car. Please help if you can. Mike
  6. Green37

    Wanted 49 Pontiac Fastback

    Looking for original car that needs little. Good money for right car.
  7. Green37

    WTB 320 Motor for 46 Roadmaster

    Oh Man They made these for 20 years! Still looking for a runner.
  8. I've decided not to put myself through a rebuild. Anybody got a good engine for me?
  9. Want to backdate to original lenses and reflectors. Mike
  10. Can anybody help me out here? mike in Pasadena
  11. Green37

    WTB 49 Pontiac Fastback

    Looking for a 49-52 Pontiac 2 dr fastback. Any help is appreciated. Mike
  12. Green37

    Carburator for Lincoln 1930 - which one?

    Sure looks like 1931 K model to me. What a beauty! It's going to take a while to find a replacement DD3. They were used on J Duesenbergs. $$$$$$
  13. Green37

    WTB 38 Buick Century

    No thanks. I'm after your '38.
  14. Green37

    Wanted 320 Buick Manifold Rear Section

    that's the one Stooge Please give me a PM