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  1. I hope Chuck enjoys the car as much as I did.
  2. Chuck did his homework and stepped up to the plate. Car is retiring to Florida.
  3. My 37 120 has no thermostatically controlled slats. Senior cars only.
  4. Looking for Complete Rocker Arm Assembly for 1947 320 Motor Call Mike 626 487-4583
  5. Looking for complete rocker arm assembly for 1947 Roadmaster. Call Mike at 626 487-4583
  6. Criticism welcome. Ten years ago I had plane tickets to see a 36 120 and a 38 Buick in the East. This car was mentioned on this forum 10 years ago with a casual reference. No photos were posted and I pursued the owner. I was aware that these don't show up very often. When weather clears, I'll get the car out for more photos. Suggestions are needed as to what site I should post. (Hemmings, eBay?)
  7. Nothing like the quality of a Lincoln. Only the richest man in the world could lose $500 on each one.
  8. Bucketof Bolts hit the nail on the head. Still I will add a few photos I have from Last Year's Christmas Card. Car is in San Marino CA, right near Pasadena
  9. Time to let my baby go. Contact me here if interested.
  10. I think I'm going to be sick.
  11. Still Looking for nice original car. Please help if you can. Mike