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  1. This subject is about early chevrolets not 1955 and newer ???? But someone will thank you for your information. I think anyone with an early chevy knows how to read their tag if they have one .It states on the tag serial number engine number trim paint code body number and body serial number and where the vehicle waqs made.Have a good day
  2. 1932 chevrolet engine numbers started with 2319372 and ended with 2333699. There was no such thing as a VIN number there were however engine numbers, serial numbers, body serial numbers in most cases but not all cases, there was also a job number in most cases but not all cases, there was a trim number and a paint number and usually a build place like in the Canadian 1932 chevrolet Oshawa Walkerville Regina but because of the recession all Roadsters and phaytons were made in OSHAWA. waydne laverdure
  3. dftexas please drop me a line wayner lave@cogeco.ca i also am resto moding a 1932 chevrolet sportsman deluxe roadster
  4. I would also love to be put in contact with as many 1932 roadster guys as possible, because this spring is going to be total restoration time for this old girl.thanks wayner lave@cogeco.ca
  5. Oracle I would LOVE to have the 32 Canadian production figures by model as i have a 1932 chevrolet deluxe sportsman roadster with the Body serial # blank and also the body job # blank.By your discription on serial # last being 581710 mine being 581403 engine # being 2332507 trim # being 58 and paint code being 1080 thankis wayner lave@cogeco.ca
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