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  1. I've been reading about using antifreeze to stop wood shrinkage. Apparently it will soak right into the actual cells of the wood and dries and once done the wood will not shrink. It stops the cracking, checking and warping of wood and it works on green wood. The idea comes from wood lathing of bowls etc. to stop them from cracking and using a very wide plank as a table top or similar. I expect it will have great success on new wooden spoke wheels too. I haven't found any information of how it will work on dry wood. Antifreeze is also a great wood preservative especially if mixed with wa
  2. My first post on this AACA. I live in Alberta, Canada and would like to register my 1982 Berlina SE as AACA-SGVC. How do I proceed? Thx John in Red Deer
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