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  1. Well the electric is in!! Today I moved two crosleys. I managed to get it done before the rain. Tomorrow I will move the 25 Studebaker and tues my friend will help move the large sandblast cab and the big compressor , Lets see , two more workbenches two motors and two trans!! almost done. I spent yesterday attemting to organize.
  2. O k ,its almost time to get working again. Its been three months since I did any serious work on this car .The electrition will be here in the morning to start the shop wiring.I still have to move the rest of my junk out of the rental garage. I have till aug. first. Today I had to mow the lawn. that toke all afternoon.Tomorrow its do the trimming before it rains. Allways something to do !!!!!
  3. This building is all steel ( no termites ) So far I've spent 28,000 . The electric will be another $4500.
  4. The garage is 30 x 50 . No need down here for heat. Might put a window air conditioner in.
  5. I'm back for a bit. The building and driveway are done and I started moving stuff yesterday. I have a feeling it will fill up fast'
  6. using heavy duty jumper cables the starter will spin but it won't engage the flywheel.. I took it to the repair shop and it worked fine. going to 12 volts
  7. Yesterday they started my building. Should be pouring the slab Thursday or Friday. It won't be long now.Then I have the job of moving out of my rental garage. That might take a week or so!!
  8. Nice work, Hopefully Chinese and English parts will go together. How about your motor, what are you using? Joey
  9. Got a whole day working on the Studebaker!! Lowerd the grill shell 4 inches,it looks great. I tried to start the motor but the 6 volt batt has no balls ,I'm rethinking this and may go to 12 volts The batt I have doesn't spin the starter fast enough to engage fly-wheel.It works great on my crosley and that's where its staying. Back to work at the house tomorrow,time to mow again.
  10. Gary Ash is also making progress .Once I get the motor up I can order my clutch and get going on the rest.
  11. Dave, are you going to buy every crosley in the country????
  12. Hi guys, The house is coming along fine. The wife is going to nola with her nieces Tuesday!! looks like I get a few days to work on the Studebaker. Hopefully I can get it started and lower the radiator shell.I haven't worked on it in about a month.I think the contracter will be doing the site work next week. Can't wait for it to be done!!
  13. I have a 54 in snapper!! i'm still getting used to it ,its a handfull
  14. I'm back, the new house is a mess but we 'll get it one box at a time . Today I need to mow about two acres!! I really don't know when I'll be able to get back to the car!! Life is getting in the way
  15. well moving day has come and the truck will be here in the A>M> I'll be off a few days as I can't get my computer hooked up till Friday . Be safe talk to you soon,Joey
  16. Got myself a mustang radiator from o'reilly for about $100. Looks like I'll be able to use it,I'm lowering the stude radiator shell 4 inches. The radiator is for a v8 so the outlets on the pass side . I'm in the prosses of moving to a new house so I haven't worked on the car for three weeks. Hopfully I can get back to it week after next.I have also hired a contractor to put up my garage .Work should start in a week or two.
  17. Nice work Gary, I had to take a few weeks off due to us moving. I hate packing !! Its unreal how much stuff you can put in a three bedroom house. I hope to get back to the car week after next. I'm probably going to build my cowl piece somewhat like you did. thanks. That remindes me I need to charge my camera
  18. I need the bottom outlet to be on the pass side to line up with the water pump
  19. Hi fellas, Today I finished mounting my wheels,put finishing touches on the motor and torqued the head!! Had to have a new drive put on the starter Looks like I'm going to start the motor soon. When I know it will run I can get the clutch back together and mount the trans. I decided to drop the radiator shell down 4 inches.The plan which as you can tell is fluid is to run a mustang radiator as it will fit in the lower shell.Once that is set I will start on the body and pedals. And shorten the driveshaft. I forgot my camera today so pics will come next week ..
  20. Hopfully that fish plate is temp, needs to be close to the full width and maybe six inches each side of the cut .. Looks good and your making better progress than I am.
  21. Sounds like your on it. Did you cut the frame yet? Those wheels going to fit your hubs?
  22. The motor is a champion six,I think maybe 164 cu in !! the 46 motor had a bad bearing ,this motor was in better shape. I'm pretty well set now without cutting the frame. My plan is to someday put the original motor and trans back in.
  23. O K guys ,I promised more pics !!The engine is just about mounted ,heres some shots of the mounts I made. I'm trying to get the rebuilt motor mounted so I can start it. The third pic is of the rear brake linkage. I had to raise the motor three in so the trans will clear the crossmember. Hope to finish this week and run it next week,the motor and trans are from a 52 pick-up,Im using the truck trans because it has an emergency brake on it .
  24. I would butt weld the outside ,plate the inside and then run about a 12 to 20 in. boxing plate. The car isn't going to be real heavy so that should be good.