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  1. Just pointing out the irony of selling for less when they could get more. Very strange business strategy.
  2. Was no drama until pete brought it here. I notice you step into these things yourself. The OP was about cars, something you dont mention.
  3. Mods may as well delete this one. Dude came in with a bad attitude and accused us of what we "probably" do. The guy was a jerk for no reason. I see a lot of that from texas.
  4. "probably belittle and attack" What frame of mind is that? We are accused before we respond. Well, I am trying to leave the hobby, people like you make it easier to do. A rusted, gutted Riviera? Yeah, $500 This is why people dont like Texans.
  5. $500 is about right for many of the cars out there sinking into the mud. But they seem determined to crush them for closer to $200-$300 They wanted to crush em all along. But all those years in which they enjoyed denying someone their dream car/part, would have to end.
  6. huh, great. That should say, I would like to move it now. I wont lie to move it now. Edit function not working either apparently. This Toshiba computer is about as worthless as my new john deere ricer junk tractor. (For which deere wants $700 for a driveshaft that broke at 700 hours. chinese junk)
  7. PM function not working today. To answer, rust holes are in trunk floor and lower LH cowl. I do have clean and clear MD title in my name, about 40 years now. Motor was last run 2 years ago. I would like to move it before cold weather, but it is a sore spot for me now so I would lie to move it now. After 40 years of collecting parts, I no longer have time, energy, or funds to finish. I was going to restore it some day. Some day never comes, time to let new owners enjoy it. Thank you
  8. I am sorry but I have no way to provide any more pics. It would need to be pulled out of the garage into the sunlight in order to get decent pics, I have no way to move it out by myself. I believe the only way to see what I offer is to come here and do a walk around. I dont know what else to do. Thank you
  9. Hope this doesnt offend anyone, that is not the intent. I have seen many yards all over the nation where, after decades of being cherry picked the owners wanted to sell out, always well into six or even seven figures. In every case eventually the county declares it polluted or in violation of zoning rules and quickly all the cars get crushed, for whatever scrap is bringing in that area at that time. It would be best for all if they would get real about prices and move it out for what they can get. It never happens. I am sure some will say it isnt worth it to retail stuff for low prices but no price is lower than scrap. Wish as they may, a rusted out 71 truck will never become a 63 split window Corvette. It is late in the game, many of us near our expiration date, the market will continue to fall. It is far past time to move it out, restore it, or forget it. Gonna fix it some day? No you wont, some day never comes, if it is outside your heirs will crush it. Maybe they're just not car people?
  10. Sir, I believe this site requires that you post a price and location.
  11. I am sorry I wasnt able to do more at that time Bill. I didnt know who called, only that I was not able to hear the return number left on my machine. I have been through hell this last year and I just did not accomplish as much as I would have liked to. I am tired of looking at all this junk so maybe I should crush the thing. It's a fast EZ way to get out, and I want out. Thanks for trying.
  12. Still available. Same low prices but no longer a time crunch. I PURCHASED THE FARM. Buying the farm is likely in the near future.
  13. Thank you all, but especially my dad, 1st LT. USAF Strategic Air Command 1953-1955
  14. I too, wondered if the 6 was correct. If it is a numbers motor keep it. If you must have more power buy some bolt on speed equipment, keep it so it can be bolted back to original. No cutting. V8's are a dime a dozen, dont see enough 6's. They are great cars, I had a couple Chevelle 4 doors and those 230's? were tough.
  15. I am sorry to hear of the problems, it dont sound good. One time I saw a guy try to hold up a sign at the Mopar Nationals as his way to warn others of this one vendors business practices. ( vendor has a terrible reputation) well, no good deed goes unpunished. Someone called in the police on this peaceful protestor, police advised him he was "making a scene" and he would either have to move along or go to jail. There was no "scene", just one guy exercising his right to free speech. Too many people in the hobby enable the crooks to carry on when they silence the victim, ensuring more folks will be taken by scoundrels. Such silence is detrimental to the hobby.
  16. I dont know about Champion, but it seems many companies have offshored production and dont care about quality, only the next quarterly shareholder report and their own compensation. They are living off of the good reputation built over decades, and quickly losing that image today. Quality has been going downhill ever since Nixon hooked us up with china 40 years ago.
  17. That sounds neat. I plan to bid on the thing tomorrow if it dont go too high. Thanks
  18. I am sorry to hear of your friends passing. So often this is how such things come up for sale. Nice of you to help out.
  19. At $899 I would imagine they might be available forever. Or until his estate liquidates anyway. That seems to be a good bit now.
  20. Thank you. A 70 year collection! A biplane engine, a cigar store indian, many rare items. But take a bus from satellite parking? I dont see how that can work well. Maybe for cars, but that will be difficult for small items. Wish I could go.
  21. I wasnt going to post any more boring auctions, but I will post this awesome find. Auction on AZ this weekend in Liberty SC has all the above and much more. No linky, but man look at the pics and you tell me. Is that awesome or what? Not mine.
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