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  1. A related question, are those old stock filters OK to use? I have heard concerns about whether or not they may come apart and clog up oil passages. I am a lil leary of something that's been drying on a shelf for 30-60 years.
  2. That motor is beautiful. Those pics are an awesome help for all. Thanks for posting that. Wish I had some of those $400 starter solenoids.
  3. I assume your C-39 has a filter cannister mounted on the side of the engine. I dont know how difficult it is to buy filter elements but what exactly is the concern?
  4. Those scammers make it tough for honest guys like me who have parts but dont have a clue of how to do pictures. Not everyone who cant supply pictures is a scammer, some are just cavemen like me. BTW, WOW, a 56 convertible, that's rare!
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