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  1. Thank you! She deserves a good home. Whenever she's driven, she gets a lot of attention... she definitely makes people smile.
  2. I understand your point about messaging me for more information vs. including information in the post, 914Driver. The truth is, I don't know that much about cars. I purchased the car for an ex and will try to respond in the best way that I can. Here was my message to keiser31: Thank you for responding to my thread regarding the Chrysler Windsor that I'd like to sell. Please know that I was in a relationship with someone that had an affinity for vintage cars when I made a trade for this one and I don't personally know a lot about cars. The title is a clean title and has just over 82,000 ori
  3. If anyone is interested, send me a message and I'll be happy to provide whatever information I can. Thanks!
  4. For Sale 1960 Chrysler Windsor. Located in AZ. Was running last year, but not currently running. All original. Approx. 80K miles. Message me for more info. I'll post more photos soon.
  5. I noticed you have a 4-door from your photos. I don't have any parts, but I have a 4-door so if I come across anything I will let you know. I'm trying to get the trim piece for the passenger front side and I haven't had a whole lot of luck, but I do have a lead locally here in Phoenix.
  6. Hi, I am searching for a trim/molding piece for a 4-door 1960 Chrysler Windsor. It is for the front passenger side. I just acquired the car and I would love to find this piece. Here's a picture: Thanks for any help you can offer!!!
  7. I have a four door Chrysler Windsor & I'm looking for the side molding trim on the front passenger side door. Would any of the trim pieces you have work? Here's a picture:
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