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  1. Tom, I have been working with Jack M for the trunk itself, I will have the rack available, I will shoot you a call if things do not work out
  2. Very interesting, I have one that looks to be almost the same as yours. It came on a 33 4 door I purchased for parts to help resurrect my Model 56 Coupe. I would like to find a new home for the trunk and the folding rack as I do not have a use for either one.
  3. Greg, Sorry to say I do not. The entire chassis with running gear has been sold.
  4. I am not able to help you with the switch, My entire chassis has been sold.
  5. Have entire running gear, chassis, body shell, doors etc. complete trunk rack with an unusual side opening steel trunk. No grill, front bumper, fenders, headlights, running boards, windshield frame or tail light(s). Chassis with running gear, instrument cluster, rear bumper, all inside window garnish mouldings are spoken for, Still have doors, front cowl, rear body section and luggage trunk available
  6. Marv, Your welcome! My Car is a 1933 Stude Model 56, 5 window coupe Mark
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