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  1. I bought a 1941 Buick Special Sedanette 46S-SE about four months ago. I am in the process of finding the parts and pieces that I will need to complete the car. I've also joined the BCA and have started recieving the "Bugle". I have enjoyed reading other Buick owners stories and tips! I am unsure as to which direction to take with my car. I love the look of a nicely restored car, but I also love the look of a customized car. I wouldn't be getting crazy with it, it would be mostly original, except for paint and lowering the stance, just a little...
  2. Thank-you! I have also joined the Buick Club of America, just a few hours ago. I had noticed that other members have their AACA and BCA membership numbers, when or where do I go to find these membership numbers?
  3. Thank-you, to all of you that have replied to my thread! I am somewhat familiar with parts hunting, I had a 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline Aerosedan. I can say that it is easier to find parts for Chevrolets, as there are more vendors for them. I joined the AACA with the hopes of finding parts for my Sedanette and hopefully forming some friendships along the way. Again, thanks to all that have replied. I hope to post some pictures of my car in the near future.
  4. I recently bought a 1941 Buick Special Sedanette and have started taking inventory of what parts will be needed. So here is my list of needs: Drivers side hood release handle 1- hood pilot 1- Rear deck lid emblem 3- 16" wheels 1- pair of hi/lo horns I'm sure there will be more parts that I'll be needing, I've already found some parts on ebay and at bob's automobilia. Any and all help and information will be greatly appreciated. Thank-you! Juan jaguirre74@gmail.com
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