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  1. Sorry for some reason the pictures never came out, if you would like pictures of this very rare car ( the only other one is in a museum in Georgia) email me at mjgoodall@earthlink.net, this is a true number 1 car, that allegedly had $100,000 spent on her and is pebble beach worthy with a detail. Thank you Mark
  2. wanderlust ATLANTA: Hanson Motor Company: Hanson Six. This is the only other one known to exist and my friends one is exactly the same but in mint condition.
  3. Email me at mjgoodall@earthlink.net I cannot seem to post them. Thx Mark
  4. Hi I have a 1919 Hanson that I am selling for the owner, but it seems impossible to value as only two are known to exist any ideas please, the car is a true number 1 car and if you would like pictures please email me at mjgoodall@earthlink.net. Thank you Mark
  5. Hi all, I have a pair of original 1926 pierce arrow front fenders in very nice condition for $1000 please email me at mjgoodall@earthlink.net or call 407 729 6957 for details or pictures. Thx Mark
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