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  1. Hello, I'm about rebuild a wiper motor for a 1925 Dodge coupe. It says Eveready Apex Elec MFG co on the side. I need a parts diagram, before I attempt to take it apart. Thank You
  2. If you have the spline drive wire wheels on Your MG, Triumph, Healey, or etc. and tried to have them balanced, you haven’t able to find anyone who can balance them properly. You will need a balancing adapter nut, with this tool you can go to ANY modern tire store, and have your Wire Wheels balanced properly. That means you don't have to spend time to look for a British car or Wire Wheel shop that may be very far away from where you live. Also your vintage wire wheel British car will drive smooth just like new. We at Wolverine Products produce this balancing adapter nut. Price $170 + $20 shipping For more info Email us at or Call (863) 647-9414 and Happy Motoring.