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  1. I am “resto-modding” my ’56 and I have the following ready to ship or coming off the car shortly: These items are ready to go now Front spindles with brakes Front upper control arms 5 OEM steel wheels with excellent Sears Allstate tires and OEM hubcaps OEM radiator (needs rebuilding) Hard top. Does not have portholes so maybe wrong year. Needs headliner.. Non-working OEM radio OEM steering wheel. No cracks These will become available during the winter Complete 312 engine. Recent valve job, new pushrods. Dress-up kit. Complete Ford-O-Matic transmission (air cooled) Complete Dana 44 rear end assembly with brakes and driveshaft Complete continental kit with rear bumper assembly Pair of front bumper over-riders (bullets?, boobs?) Plan B is to sell the whole car. It runs fine, looks decent and all the OEM parts in the first list go with it if you want to do a restoration. There is a soft top with swing bar that needs new covering and weatherseals. It has a NEW frame done by previous owner. The paint looks good at 20 feet. It currently has 1980 Lincoln Versailles front spindles and disk brakes. The wheels are Mustang V6, late model, 16x7. The entire front suspension and steering is new except the steering box. There is an aluminum radiator in place. The dash cover is new, and all instruments work and have been refurbished. I recently installed a NOS main wiring harness. Heater, power windows, power seats all work well. Turn signals and backup lights work. Email joseph “dot” leone “at” Verizon “dot” net Text nine 7 eight 6 eight 7 seven 1 oh 5
  2. I got a new(ish) frame and a crap body. I probably paid $5-7 K too much for the body condition.
  3. I got the car with the replacement frame. No undercoating, though. It was bead blasted and powder coated and it looks new, but it could have been a really good rehab. Since I fixed the seats, I pulled the dash, replaced the dash harness with a NOS unit, replaced the front spindles with Lincoln Versailles units, replaced the entire steering linkage, changed the radiator and refurbished all the gauges and switches. The previous owner did the undercoating camouflage on the underside of the body and the engine compartment. I have to pull the engine to clean the engine room.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I looked in the Reference Manual after I saw your reply and it's right there plain as day.
  5. What's the best access point to replace the front crossover harness? Grill? Radiator? Lower valance?
  6. Five hundred years ago, I could have gotten stoned or hung or worse for asking a question like this, but I'm willing to take the chance. I really want to install a late 302 small block into my '56, but I have run into a little snag. Apparently, Tbirds have the engine mounted in a totally different configuration than Fords and Mercurys. The engine is front mounted where Fords and Mercs are side mounted. So, none of the shops that fab engine swap parts for Fords can help me with the Bird. I'd appreciate any help if someone can point me in the right direction to find the parts I need.
  7. Thanks for pointing me to the blog topic.
  8. Well, that's an important bit of info. Makes the supply much greater. I'm accumulating pieces to replace all the front end parts, including Lincoln spindles with disk brakes. I already have a set of upper arms, and if I can find some lowers I'll be able to beadblast and powdercoat all the pieces and just do a swap. That way the car isn't on stands for a month while all the bits get pretty. Thanks for the tip.
  9. Looking to buy. Please respond here or via PM
  10. What threw me off was the snaps that were on the lower windshield molding when I got the car. There are seven screws holding the moldings in place, and each had a snap, although there were no other snaps anywhere on the car, and I can't match what's there. My upholsterer and I have come up with a Plan B that should work well.
  11. I purchased a tonneau from one of the usual vendors, and the instructions are a grainy, 7th generation photocopy of a fax from last century. What I can determine from the instructions is that there are several disagreements between them and the Trim and Sealer manual. Does anybody have a set of instructions that are actually legible or shall I stick to the trim and sealer manual?
  12. The clips keep the inner windshield trim from squashing down where the defrost openings are. It looks like a spacer of some sort will work. I just thought I'd ask in case someone else had already solved the problem.
  13. The dash has been powdercoated (white backside), the instruments have all been refurbished, and tomorrow it goes to to the upholsterer for a new vinyl cover. Here's the question: one of the three funny-looking clips on the leading edge is missing. It looks like the spot weld broke some time ago. I guess their purpose is to keep the inner trim piece from smooshing down. What's the recommended fix? Obviously I need a spacer block of some sort, but I'd like to hear what others have done.
  14. FS701 shows that it's a daisy-chain ground that runs to the speaker grille, speedo pod, tach, and a couple of spots on the dash. Looks like I'm all set, Lew. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  15. One last bit of help and I'll have this baby running by the weekend. When I removed the dash to replace the harness, this section of daisy-chained grounds fell out. I haven't been able to find it on any schematics, but it would be helpful if I knew which 5 or 6 things it connected to. It appears to be part number 14590.
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