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  1. Thank you for the responses everyone. Wildcat465, I have reached out the technical advisor you recommended, thank you for the tip! As far the car and transmission goes, before pulling the engine, the car had barely over 115,000 miles, without ever being breached. While the engine sat before starting the rebuild of the engine, I didn't notice any leaks of any kind from the transmission. The engine was another story, but as the car sat for quite some time before without being started, deteriorated seals were to be expected. Upon cleaning the engine and transmission it was seen that some orange RTV could be seen on the seal closest to the driver side CV and sealing the black plastic chain cover. This leads me to believe that perhaps the tranny had been serviced, but it is hard to tell. I'm not sure what exactly It's even harder to decide whether or not I should trust the previous mechanic's work. I have included a link to an album which includes a few pictures of the 325-4L tranny, where the orange RTV can be seen: 325-4L - Imgur I'm nearly at the point where I'd more or less convinced myself to go ahead and seek out a rebuild on this transmission, if I can track down a reputable mechanic. I have the funds to rebuild the transmission, but the urge to get this Riviera back on the road is almost too much to bear. I would hate to see myself having to potentially pull the motor again in a few thousand miles to rebuild this 325-4L however.. Both Paul and sosuzguy have mentioned the Trans-Go shift kit, each with their own opinions regarding them. Is this similar to a stage shift kit? -Dane
  2. Hello Everyone, I have a few questions about the 325-4L transmission. How dependable are these transmissions as far as general usability? Are there any warning signs to look out for as far as signs of condition deterioration? I'm in the process of restoring an '83 Buick Riviera and it's come down to whether or not the transmission needs to be rebuilt along with the engine. The last time the car was in a driving condition (if you would call it that) by all accounts the transmission appeared to be shifting and acting accordingly. I'm now approaching the end of the engine rebuild, which consisted of a complete rebuild with new pistons, lifters, rings, basically everything besides connecting rods, which I will be reusing. My question is, is it foolish to leave by all accounts a fully functional transmission alone and drop the engine back in the Riviera without cracking open that transmission? Should I go all out and have the piece of mind knowing that both the engine and transmission are sitting at equal mileage? Any advice is greatly appreciated, I've been searching around, and it appears that most transmission shops around my location are unfamiliar with the 325-4L transmission which leaves me even more apprehensive about trusting someone to rebuild it. My question is, do I leave well enough alone, or rebuild a working 325-4L transmission? Thank you, Dane